Repair Your Glasses Like a Pro with This Ultimate Eyeglasses Repair Kit


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Has your favorite pair of glasses seen better days? Are they loose, missing screws, or have broken parts? Don’t throw them out! With the Ultimate Eyeglasses Repair Kit, you can fix them up good as new right at home.

This deluxe repair kit contains over 500 pieces of replacement parts and specialty tools to fix virtually any issue with eyeglasses and sunglasses. It has everything you need for quick, easy repairs.

The kit includes:

  • 10 pairs of clear silicone nose pads in various sizes
  • 1 pair of adjustable ear hooks
  • 3 precision screwdrivers for tightening loose screws or changing parts
  • 1 stainless steel tweezer for handling small parts
  • About 500 extra miniature screws for replacements
  • 1 lint-free polishing cloth
  • Durable plastic storage case to keep the kit neat and organized

With the contents of this repair kit, you’ll have the right supplies on hand for any eyeglass fix. Replace broken or missing nose pads to stop slippage. Switch out bent ear hooks for a better fit. Tighten loose screws to make wobbly glasses sturdy again. Adjust the frame and replace screws to fixalignment issues. Snap on new lenses. And so much more!

High Quality Materials Ensure Long Lasting Repairs

The parts and tools in this kit are made from premium materials built to last. The nose pads are crafted from durable silicone that regains its shape after squishing and conforms comfortably to your nose. The ear hooks flex to adjust the fit but won’t bend out of shape.

The mini screws, replacement springs, and other small parts are stainless steel, resistant to rust and corrosion. The three jeweler’s screwdrivers have magnetized tips to securely grip the tiny screws for easier handling. The pointed stainless steel tweezers let you grab parts too small to handle with fingers.

The storage case is impact resistant plastic so you can toss it in a purse or bag without worrying about damage. With proper care, this professional quality repair kit will provide fixes for years to come.

Fix All Your Eyewear – Glasses, Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, and More

This eyeglasses repair kit works for all types of vision wear:

  • Prescription Glasses: Tighten loose screws, replace missing or ill-fitting nose pads, adjust ear hooks, replace broken frame parts
  • Sunglasses: Replace damaged or lost screws, bridge pieces, and nose pads so your shades fit right and stay on securely
  • Reading Glasses: Fix issues like misaligned frames, loose lenses, and broken frame pieces or arms
  • Goggles & Safety Eyewear: Replace broken rubber padding, tighten screws, fix damaged frames and head straps
  • Kids’ Glasses: Children are rough on their eyewear – this kit makes it easy to fix things like popped out lenses, bent frames, and more

If it goes on your face and helps you see, the Ultimate Eyeglasses Repair Kit has the parts and tools to fix it! Avoid wasting money replacing glasses when you can repair them for just pennies.

DIY Repairs are Simple with the Right Tools

Handle minor eyewear repairs and adjustments yourself quickly and easily! The specialized precision screwdrivers are designed to grip those tiny screws glasses use without stripping them. The steel tweezers help you handle small parts like nose pads and screws. Clear, organized storage case keeps parts from getting lost.

Comprehensive kit has all the replacement pieces you’re likely to need. Just match the broken part to make the fix. Clear instructions are included, but repairs are intuitive with the right tools.

Save yourself the hassle and expense of visiting an optical shop for minor issues and repairs. Why wait days or pay high prices when you can fix your glasses at home in minutes?

Get Your Money’s Worth from Expensive Prescription Eyewear

Quality prescription glasses and sunglasses aren’t cheap! Protect your investment and avoid unnecessary replacement costs. This repair kit has everything you need to fix minor damage, loose parts, and general wear and tear.

Keep your glasses like new so you can get your money’s worth from them. Forget about dealing with broken glasses or doing without glasses while waiting for replacements. This handy kit makes DIY repairs a breeze!

Be Prepared for Eyewear Emergencies Anywhere

Murphy’s Law says your glasses will break when you’re far from an optician’s office or perhaps traveling. Avoid the hassle and expense of emergency eyewear repairs. Keep this repair kit handy so you can fix your glasses on the spot no matter where you are.

Stash it in your car, luggage, purse, backpack, or desk drawer. Tiny kit takes up hardly any space but provides peace of mind. You’ll always be prepared for unexpected eyewear repairs.

Don’t suffer with broken glasses or deal with the cost and wait of repairs. Get the Ultimate Eyeglasses Repair Kit and fix it yourself fast!


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