Retro Horn Rim Multi Focus Reading Glasses – 3 Powers in 1 Reader


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Tired of having to switch between multiple pairs of readers to see things up close? With these stylish Retro Horn Rim Multi Focus Reading Glasses from VisionPros, you’ll have 3 different magnification strengths in one convenient pair. The multi-focus lenses allow you to seamlessly transition between reading prescriptions without any visible lines.

The retro horn rim frame design gives these readers a cool, vintage vibe perfect for any bookworm or glasses aficionado. The wayfarer-inspired shape and keyhole bridge look great on any face shape. You’ll feel smart and stylish wearing these multi-focus readers for all your reading, crafting, or close-up tasks.

Seamless Magnification in One Pair

Each lens in these multi-focus reading glasses contains three different magnification powers – +1.00, +1.50, and +2.00. The strength printed on the glasses refers to the power at the bottom portion of the lens. As you look higher up the lens, the strength gradually increases in 0.5 increments up to +2.00 at the top. This creates a smooth progression of visual aid without any distracting lines.

Just angle your gaze naturally to get the magnification you need. Look through the bottom third of the lens for minimal boost like reading medicine labels. Scan the middle portion for medium-range tasks like browsing your phone. Glance through the top third for maximum magnification when tackling fine print and intricate details.

With these multi-focus readers, you’ll always have the right strength when you need it. No more constantly switching pairs or tilting your head at awkward angles to see. The seamless vision transitions make reading and close work much more comfortable and convenient.

Stylish Retro Look

Why choose boring basic readers when you can opt for retro style? These multi-focus reading glasses feature thick horn-rimmed frames that nod back to the iconic 1950s Buddy Holly glasses shape. The molded horns give the frames a vintage vibe while the crystal clear non-magnified lower lenses keep the look fresh and modern.

The retro rectangular lenses measure 50mm wide x 34mm high for full optical coverage without looking oversized. The 13mm bridge creates a keyhole shape between the lenses that flatters most face shapes. The 138mm long temples curve gently around the ears for a secure comfortable fit.

Choose from classic colors like Tortoise, Dark Tortoise, Leopard, Transparent, Pink, Purple, and Black. The thick frames come in a sturdy glossy acetate material to complete the retro aesthetic. Upgrade your eyewear look with these multi-focus readers that blend old school cool with modern technology.

Premium Optical Quality

Don’t sacrifice visual clarity for convenience. These multi-focus reading glasses use precision-cut lenses to provide distortion-free viewing. The lenses are made from optical-grade plastic with scratch-resistant and anti-glare coatings.

A five-layer anti-reflective coating helps minimize eye fatigue by reducing glare from digital screens, sunny windows, and artificial lights. The lenses also have a hydrophobic coating that resists smudges, fingerprints, and water for clear maintenance-free vision.

Each pair of multi-focus reading glasses is lightweight and comfortable to wear for all-day use. The resin frame material is flexible and durable for long-term wear. Keep these seamless progressive readers in your pocket or purse to pull out anytime you need to tackle some close-up viewing.

3 Strengths in 1 Convenient Pair

Having multiple magnification powers in one pair of glasses allows you to keep up with varying vision needs throughout your day. The three strengths cover you for light reading, computer work, hobbies, crafting, and more. Here’s a quick overview of how you can utilize each part of the multi-focus lenses:

  • Bottom Section – +1.00: Reading medicine labels, text messages, restaurant menus
  • Middle Section – +1.50: Working on a laptop, reading books, looking at your phone
  • Top Section – +2.00: Reading newspapers, cooking recipes, threading needles, other detailed tasks

With seamless progression between the different strengths, you’ll never have to interrupt your activity again to swap reading glasses. The optics are specially designed to provide distortion-free viewing from edge to edge. Just tilt your eyes down slightly to go up in power.

Keep these multi-focus reading glasses handy in your home, office, purse, car – anywhere you need crystal clear near vision. Reduce eye strain and headaches by always having the right readers whenever and wherever you need them.

Adjustable For Your Best Fit

Get the most comfortable and effective vision with adjustable features built right into the frame design. The Retro Horn Rim Reading Glasses have adjustable silicone nose pads that conform to your nasal bridge. Move them up and down to prevent any slipping or pinching at the nose.

The length of the arms can also be slightly bent for a custom fit around your ears. Make small adjustments to the angle and curvature for long-lasting comfort and security. With simple tweaks, you can have these multi-focus readers feeling like they were custom made just for you.

Treat your eyes right with seamless magnification, crisp optical clarity, and adjustable comfort. Order the Retro Horn Rim Reading Glasses now to simplify your varying near vision needs. Never lose your spot or break your focus again just to switch readers!


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