SA106 Flexible Blue Light Filter Glasses for Girls – Stylish Computer Reading Glasses Protect Young Eyes


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Do you worry about your child’s eye health as she stares endlessly at screens? Studies show blue light from digital devices like phones, tablets and computers can lead to digital eye strain and sleep issues. Protect her eyes in style with the SA106 blue light blocking glasses for girls.

With a trendy horned rim design in blue, purple or black, these computer glasses allow her to look cute while also filtering out 90% of harmful blue-violet light from screens. The lightweight TR90 memory plastic frame flexes to fit her face comfortably while staying in place. An adjustable nose pad ensures a custom no-slip fit.

Key Features:

  • Frames measure 5 1/16″ wide x 1 7/8″ high to flatter young faces
  • Indestructible flex rubber frame in blue, purple or black colors
  • Ergonomic nose pads prevent sliding for secure fit
  • Blocks 90% of blue light from screens to reduce eye fatigue
  • Helps regulate sleep-wake cycle disrupted by nighttime use of devices
  • Recommended for kids age 6-12 years old

While ordinary glasses simply correct vision, these blue blocking glasses protect your child’s eyes from digital device damage. The invisible reflective blue light filter lens technology reduces exposure to the bright blue light wavelengths from smartphone, tablet, computer and TV screens that can lead to dry, irritated eyes.

Have you noticed your child squinting, rubbing her eyes or complaining of tired eyes or headaches after using screens? These are signs of digital eye strain that affects over 80% of kids today. By filtering blue light, these computer reading glasses help relieve eye fatigue so she can play games, do homework and watch videos more comfortably.

The American Optometric Association recommends taking regular screen breaks and using blue light filtering glasses to avoid eye strain. While blue light is beneficial in daylight, excessive artificial blue light exposure at night negatively impacts melatonin production. This disrupts the circadian rhythm crucial for restful sleep. The SA106 glasses block blue light to support healthy sleep-wake cycles so your child sleeps better at night.

Computer glasses should fit properly to work effectively. Designed specifically for kids, these provide full front and side coverage in a compact profile that stays put. Flexible rubber frames comfortably fit growing young faces. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slipping down the nose bridge for a secure custom fit. The unbreakable frame holds up well to rough handling and drops.

Most plastic lenses easily scratch, but these durable polycarbonate lenses maintain optical clarity. They also provide 100% UVA and UVB protection to shield eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child’s eyes are protected during important developmental years.

With its stylish design in vibrant color choices, the SA106 makes blue light glasses fun to wear. Now your kid can use digital devices more safely in glasses that express her personal style. Protect her eyes while staying connected in the digital age with the SA106 blue light blocking glasses. Order a pair today for healthier eyes and better sleep!


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