Sea Striker Captain’s Choice Polarized Wrap Sunglasses – Black Frames with Vermillion Polarized Lenses


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Experience crystal clear vision free from painful glare when out on the open water with these polarized wrap sunglasses from Sea Striker. Designed specifically for ocean fishing and boating, the sporty wrap frames and vermillion polarized lenses optimize vision while protecting your eyes.

Lightweight Wrap Frames Provide Superior Coverage

The durable nylon frames boast a stylish wrap-around design to block sunlight from all angles. The semi-rimless construction keeps them lightweight for all-day comfort. Integrated rubber temple tips prevent slippage while vented nose pads alleviate pressure. An inlaid vented brow bar boosts airflow and combustion to prevent fogging when going from hot to cold temps.

The curved shape and medium to large fit hugs your face for outstanding coverage from sun exposure. This protects your eyes and sensitive facial skin from harsh UVA/UVB rays. The nylon frames hold up well to saltwater while staying buoyant if accidentally dropped overboard.

Vermillion Polarized Lenses Enhance Contrast and Visibility

Sea Striker endowed these sunglasses with top-tier vermillion polarized lenses to improve vision and safety when captaining your vessel.

The vermillion tint filters haze and enhances contrast for improved depth perception and clarity. Objects stand out crisply near and far for accurate navigation, spotting fish, and identifying hazards. The lenses measure 2.32 inches wide by 1.57 inches tall for expanded viewing above and peripheral.

Glare Eliminating Polarization

The polarized film blocks over 99% of blinding glare reflected off the water’s surface. This prevents eye strain and fatigue from squinting on bright sunny days. Polarization enhances color vibrancy, contrast, and depth perception for sharp focus. You’ll enjoy enhanced visibility whether scanning the horizon or rigging tackle.

Total UV Protection

The polycarbonate lenses fully shield your eyes from 100% of UVA/UVB radiation up to 400nm. This safeguards your eyes from sun damage and helps reduce risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis.

Stay Comfortable All Day Long

The lightweight nylon frames weigh just 34 grams for comfortable wear from sunrise to sunset. Adjust the position with the flexible rubber temple tips that also prevent slippage. Pliable nose pads adapt to your bridge while promoting airflow to eliminate fog.

A microfiber pouch is included that doubles as a cleaning and protection cloth. Keep these Sea Strikers handy around your neck, ready to pull on when the glaring sun appears. Experience superior comfort and visibility on your next offshore adventure. Order the Sea Striker Captain’s Choice wrap sunglasses today!


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