See Clearly Near and Far with Sapphire Progressive Reading Glasses


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Tired of straining to see things up close? Frustrated by having to switch between separate reading and distance glasses? The new Sapphire High Hardness Anti-blue Progressive Far and Near Dual-use Reading Glasses solve both problems! With innovative progressive lenses, these glasses provide sharp vision both nearby AND far away.

Progressive Lenses for Continuous Clear Vision

Sapphire progressive lenses have different zones for viewing objects at varying distances. The top of the lens lets you see far away, the bottom lets you read a book up close, and the area in between lets you view mid-range distances clearly. There are no visible lines – just a smooth transition from top to bottom. No more switching glasses or squinting!

Protect Your Eyes with Sapphire Hardness

Sapphire crystal is one of the hardest materials used for lenses. At 9 on the Mohs scale, sapphire rates just below diamond for hardness. This makes Sapphire reading glasses extremely scratch resistant. They maintain optical clarity even after years of daily use. The tough sapphire also makes the lenses impact resistant. You don’t have to worry about drops or bumps!

Block Harmful Blue Light

The Sapphire glasses lenses have a subtle blue light blocking filter. This reduces exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from digital screens and overhead lighting. Excess blue light can lead to digital eye strain, sleep issues, and even retinal damage over time. The blue light filtering helps protect your eyes while maintaining color accuracy.

Featherlight with Optimized Thickness

Even with sapphire hardness, these progressive reading glasses are designed ultra-light. The lenses have an optimized thickness profile – thin at the edges and slightly thicker in the middle. This minimizes weight while allowing the correct optical power. The resin frame is also engineered for lightness. At just 15g total, you’ll barely notice these glasses on your face.

Resin Frame Built to Last

The Sapphire progressive reader frame is made from impact-resistant resin. The material is durable yet flexible for comfort. Resin won’t bend out of shape if sat on. It also maintains its color instead of flaking or corroding. Adjustable nose pads ensure a secure fit. Durable spring hinges open wide to make putting on and taking off the glasses easy. This well-built frame will provide years of reliable use.

Ideal for Reading, Computer, and More

The Sapphire progressive readers are perfect for anyone who needs some vision assistance. Students can see the board AND read books clearly. Professionals can work on reports on the computer AND refer to reference books. The reading glasses are great for hobbies that require close-up detail like sewing, model building, painting and more. Wear them around the house for relaxing TV viewing, game nights, cooking and countless other activities.

Premium Progressive Reader Value

With Sapphire High Hardness Anti-blue Progressive Far and Near Dual-use Reading Glasses you get the latest in lens technology and materials. The sapphire crystal and blue light filtering offer premium eye protection. Convenient progressive lenses give you continuous clear vision at any distance. Yet these innovative reading glasses are very affordably priced. Why settle for drugstore readers when you can have advanced performance and durability? Get the most out of your vision – order the Sapphire progressive readers today!


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