See Life in a New Light with QxAiVMin’s Stylish Oversized Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses


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Tired of squinting to see the small print? Frustrated by eye strain and headaches from screens? Upgrade your vision with QxAiVMin’s stylish oversized reading glasses. These bold, retro-inspired frames not only look great, they’re designed to make reading easier and protect your eyes.

Oversized Frames for Maximum Vision

Forget tiny, tight frames. These reading glasses feature an extra large, square frame that gives you a wide, unobstructed field of view. The oversized lens area makes reading more comfortable by reducing eye movement and strain. The retro-chic black frame is lightweight and durable, crafted from eco-friendly plastic that’s built to last.

Magnified HD Lenses for Crisp, Clear Vision

See the small print clearly with the optically-correct, magnification lenses. The high definition lenses offer superior edge-to-edge clarity for easy reading and fewer headaches. With scratch-resistant coatings and minimal glare, these lenses are ideal for close-up tasks like reading books, newspapers, sewing patterns, recipes, medication labels and more.

Filtered Lenses Block Harmful Blue Light

In today’s digital world, blue light exposure is a vision hazard. The lenses in these blue light blocking glasses filter out blue light emitted from digital screens to protect your eyes. By reducing blue light transmission, they help prevent digital eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes and headaches.

Ideal for Wide Faces and Big Heads

With an extra wide, oversized frame, these reading glasses are perfect if regular glasses feel too tight on your head. The rectangular shape and flexible fit work well for wide faces. Women with big heads or thick hair can enjoy these roomy, comfortable reading glasses.

Flattering, Retro-Inspired Style

A nod to mid-century fashion, the bold black frames add some retro flair. The exaggerated square shape and thick frames are very on-trend. These glasses look fabulous on women of all ages and style sensibilities. They add a brainy, nerdy vibe – channel your inner librarian!

Lightweight Comfort for All-Day Wear

Despite the chunky look, the frames are lightweight and comfortable enough for prolonged wear. The adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slipping. The plastic frames won’t get bent out of shape in your purse or glove box. Enjoy all-day comfort whether you’re reading, working on the computer or using your phone.

Versatile Reading Glasses for Home, Office or On-the-Go

Keep a pair handy wherever you need help reading:

  • Home – Read mail, books, recipes, calendars, crossword puzzles, knitting patterns
  • Office – Read documents, computer screens, presentations, spreadsheets, agendas
  • In Transit – Read maps, ticket stubs, departure boards, license plates
  • On-the-Go – Read menus, subtitles, programs, signage, travel guides, instructions

Blue Light Filter Glasses for Digital Eye Protection

Don’t let digital devices damage your eyes. The filtered lenses in these blue light blocking glasses cut down on eye fatigue and strain caused by:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • E-readers like Kindles
  • TVs, gaming systems, VR headsets

Give your peepers a break from blue light overload and enjoy clearer, more comfortable vision day or night.

A Thoughtful Gift for Mom, Grandma or Your Favorite Reader

Do you have a bookworm in your life who’s always squinting at pages? Gift them these oversized reading glasses and make reading fun again! They’re perfect for moms, grandmas, teachers, book club friends, librarians, knitters, crafters, secretaries or anyone who loves reading. The stylish frames look far more expensive than they are.

We Want You to See Clearly and Look Fabulous!

At QxAiVMin, our mission is to help you look and see your best. We believe vision correction should flatter your face, not hide it behind tiny frames. Whether you need a boost for close-up tasks or protection from digital eye strain, we’ve got stylish, high-quality reading glasses to fit your needs. The difference is clear with QxAiVMin!


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