Serengeti Summit Spectral Control photochromic sports sunglasses – React to changing light for versatile UV protection


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Find your light with the Serengeti Summit Spectral Control photochromic sports sunglasses. Built with Serengeti’s advanced lens technology to adapt to changing light conditions, these versatile sunglasses are ideal for driving, motorcycle riding, and outdoor sports.

Spectral Control Lenses React to Changing Light

The Summit’s mineral glass lenses feature Serengeti’s signature Spectral Control technology. This innovative system tunes the type and amount of light that reaches your eyes, enhancing colors and contrast so you see images in true high-definition clarity from dawn to dusk. The lenses also utilize photochromic technology to react to changing light conditions by automatically darkening when exposed to sunlight and clearing up when light decreases. This lets you seamlessly transition through sun, clouds, and shade without ever needing to switch lenses.

Full UVA/UVB Protection Wrap-Around Frame

The Summit sunglasses provide complete UV protection thanks to Serengeti’s advanced lens treatments that block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The durable nylon TR90 frames wrap around your face to give you a wide field of vision free from glare and distortion. This makes them ideal for sports, driving, and motorcycle riding where you need uncompromised safety and visibility. The sturdy yet lightweight matte black design is also comfortable for all-day wear.

Premium Protection You Can Depend On

With the Summit sport sunglasses, Serengeti built a high-performance eyewear that riders, drivers, golfers, and outdoor athletes can depend on in any condition, any sport, and any light. The scratch- and impact-resistant lenses and frames hold up to active use while the sure-grip temple tips keep the sunglasses securely on your face even at high speeds. Whether you’re tearing up the back nine on a bright afternoon or riding into a sunset, the Summits will adapt to give you the perfect light filter and protection you need.

Serengeti Advanced Lens Technology

For over 30 years Serengeti has been an industry leader in advanced lens design. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and the highest quality materials, they continue to innovate with proprietary technology to enhance sight for those with an active outdoor lifestyle. From their world renowned photochromic lenses to their industry-leading optical clarity, Serengeti’s goal is to create the most advanced sunglasses that also look great.

Key Features

  • Spectral Control Technology – Tunes and filters light to enhance colors and contrast
  • Photochromic Lenses – Automatically adapt to changing light conditions
  • Full UVA/UVB Protection – Blocks 100% of harmful ultraviolet light
  • Mineral Glass Lenses – Scratch- and impact-resistant for durability
  • TR90 Nylon Frames – Durable and comfortable wrap-around design
  • Sure-grip temple tips – Stay securely in place during activity
  • Matte black finish – Sleek style made for the outdoors
  • Designed for sports, driving, & motorcycle use

The Serengeti Difference

Serengeti driving sunglasses areprecision engineered with innovative technology so you can see nature’s vibrant beauty more clearly and protect your eyes at the same time. From high-performance sports models to classic aviator designs, they produce advanced eyewear for people who want to see the world through a visual experience unavailable anywhere else. With Serengeti Summit Spectral Control sunglasses, you don’t just wear them, you feel them.

For More Than Just a Pair of Shades

See the Serengeti difference and you may never want to take off your Summit photochromic sunglasses. But when the sun goes down, you can count on the clarity and durability of Serengeti lenses to also provide premium protection in their range of non-tinted eyeglasses. Because vision is everything.


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