SIGVAN Progressive Reading Glasses for Computer and Phone – Blue Light Blocking Multifocal Readers


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Feel your eyes relaxing with the innovative design of SIGVAN’s progressive multifocal reading glasses. Engineered to optimize viewing comfort at any range, these glasses feature a digitally calculated progressive lens to seamlessly transition between distances.

The lower portion Contains full magnification for reading text and seeing close-up details. The middle section Has slightly reduced power for computer work, viewing screens, and middle-distance tasks. While the top area Provides long-range vision correction for walking, driving, and viewing far away objects.

With SIGVAN’s precise progression, your eyes no longer have to strain to shift between focal points. The smooth gradient lets you transition seamlessly without interruption. This reduces eye fatigue whether you’re immersed in a book, working on the computer, or grocery shopping.

But SIGVAN doesn’t stop there. Understanding the rise in screen time from phones, tablets, and computers, these glasses Also filter out harmful blue light wavelengths from digital devices through advanced lens coatings. This minimizes eye strain, headaches, and disruption of natural sleep rhythms caused by blue light overexposure.

You’ll notice the difference in comfort once you experience SIGVAN’s thoughtfully engineered progressive lenses.

Additional features:

  • Lightweight TR90 frame made from flexible memory polymer for durability and comfort
  • Spring hinges auto-adjust to contour different face shapes and sizes
  • Anti-slip nose pads prevent sliding throughout wear
  • Anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings protect lenses
  • Magnifications from +1.00 to +2.50 available

Whether you need help reading menu text, working on your laptop, or seeing the TV clearly, SIGVAN progressive readers provide the perfect visual solution. The fashionable frame design also complements both casual and professional attire so you can wear them comfortably anywhere.

Make viewing life easier on your eyes with SIGVAN progressive reading glasses. Backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee, you can try them risk-free today!


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