SMARTTOP 14 Pairs Eyeglass Ear Grips – Anti Slip Silicone Ear Hooks for Glasses – Fits Kids, Adults, Reading, Sunglasses


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Tired of your eyeglasses constantly slipping down your nose? Get the ultimate solution with this 14 pair set of SMARTTOP Eyeglass Ear Grips! These soft silicone grips keep your glasses in place comfortably and securely.

Stop Slipping Glasses and Sore Ears

These clear or black silicone sleeves wrap around the arms of your eyeglasses, sunglasses, or reading glasses, creating friction that prevents sliding. No more pushing glasses back up the bridge of your nose over and over! The cushioned silicone also protects tender ear cartilage from glasses that rub.

Fits Most Eyeglass Frames

With an inner diameter of 3-10mm, these universal silicone sleeves stretch to fit most eyeglass frames for adults and kids. Both wide and skinny arms are accommodated. Just slide them on the ends of the temples for instant adjustability.

Soft, Lightweight, and Durable

Crafted from 100% premium silicone, the ear grips are soft and flexible for comfortable long-term wear. They add barely any noticeable weight to your eyewear. The high-quality material ensures the sleeves maintain their shape and don’t tear easily.

Available in Black and Clear

The pack includes 7 pairs of transparent grips that blend seamlessly onto metal, plastic, or transparent colored frames. It also contains 7 pairs of black silicone grips that stand out on darker frames. Mix and match!

3 Installation Options

Each sleeve can be installed 3 different ways depending on your needs:

1. Over the entire arm – Maximum anti-slip

2. Just on the earpiece – Extra security on the ears

3. Halfway down the arm – Balances grip and visibility

Use for Sports, Work, Fun

Now you can wear eyeglasses with confidence when playing sports, doing yardwork, at the office, or just everyday wear. The ear hooks keep glasses from bouncing around during activities.

Great for Kids’ Eyewear Too

If your children’s glasses are always slipping down their smaller noses, these grips create the perfect non-slip solution. Kids can focus on playing and learning without fiddling with their eyewear.

Reliable Quality You Can Trust

SMARTTOP provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these glasses ear hooks. Enjoy worry-free quality and purchase protection when you order this anti-slip eyeglass accessory set today!


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