SOPHILY 3 Pack Classic Aviator Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men and Women


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Stay stylish while enjoying clear near and far vision with Sophily’s 3 pack of aviator bifocal reading glasses. The classic aviator frame never goes out of fashion. Now you can wear this iconic look while discreetly correcting your vision needs. Bifocals allow you to seamlessly switch between seeing objects up close or at a distance.

The lower portion of the lenses contain magnification for reading and close work. The upper lenses have no prescription for undistorted long-range vision. A barely visible line separates the two viewing zones. Your eyes learn to automatically transition between the segments.

Blue light blocking lenses provide additional benefits. They filter out digital eyestrain from screens and enhance contrast and visual definition. Three stylish frame colors – gold, silver, and black – complement any wardrobe. The spring hinges self-adjust to fit most head sizes comfortably.

Keep a pair stashed in your favorite reading nook, handbag, car, and anywhere else you need on-the-spot magnification power. Sophily aviators combine convenience, style, and lens technology for active adults dealing with age-related near vision loss. Rediscover the joys of your hobbies without eye strain or headaches.

Key Features:

Bifocal reading magnification – The lower lenses have +1.0 power for seeing small print and details up close.

Clear upper lenses – No prescription for clear distance vision when driving, watching TV, etc.

Seamless transition – Visible reading line allows smooth transition between distance and near vision.

Blue light blocking – Filters eyestrain-causing blue light from digital devices.

Spring hinges – Flexible temples automatically adjust to your head size.

Classic aviator style – Iconic styling perfect for men or women. Complements all outfits.

Hard case + cloth – Protective case and cleaning cloth keep glasses safe and clean.


Growing older brings unique eye care challenges, especially presbyopia. This gradual loss of near focusing ability makes reading small text and seeing details up close difficult. Frequent switching between separate distance and reading glasses becomes a nuisance.

Bifocal reading glasses provide the simplicity of two prescriptions in one convenient pair. The lower lenses contain optical power for reading or close work. The upper lenses remain clear for undisputed distance viewing.

At first glance, the visible bifocal line may seem distracting. But your eyes quickly learn to transition between the different focal areas. minor head tilting initially helps orient your gaze through the reading portion. Within days, you’ll switch vision zones automatically.

The included blue light blocking lenses offer enhanced visual clarity and comfort when using digital devices. Blue light waves from screens can contribute to digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption. The tinted lenses filter out excessive blue light for more relaxed viewing.

How to Use Bifocal Reading Glasses

Follow these tips for getting accustomed to your new bifocal eyewear:

  • Position reading material inside the lower portion of the lenses. Tilt your head down slightly to look through the reading section.
  • Focus on keeping your eyes – not just your head – oriented inside the reading area. With practice, your eyes learn to gravitate to the correct spot.
  • Maintain your head in an upright position for distance viewing through the upper lenses. Avoid excessive tilting, which can distort vision.
  • When walking, turn your head and eyes – not just shifting your gaze – towards the ground area you want to see clearly.
  • Situational awareness is key. Be mindful of stairs, curbs, low-hanging objects, and potential trip hazards in your lower peripheral vision.
  • Give yourself time to adjust. Visual comfort and automatic viewing typically occur within 7-10 days of regular wear.

Soon using your Sophily bifocals for both near and far vision tasks will feel natural. No more straining to read text or see details! With practice, your eyes will instinctively find the correct viewing area.

Retro Styling with Modern Lens Technology

While bifocals use proven optical science, Sophily adds contemporary touches. A thin anti-scratch coating protects the lenses from everyday smudges and abrasions. Subtle blue light filtering improves screen viewing and eye comfort.

The iconic aviator shape exudes retro attitude. First popularized by military pilots, this unisex frame suits both men and women. The brushed metal construction and spring hinges provide long-lasting durability and fit.

Coordinating metal cases and microfiber cloths keep your Sophily aviators safe, clean, and handy. Each order includes three stylish frame colors – silver, gold, and black – to mix and match with your wardrobe. At this affordable price point, you can pick up multiple sets for all your reading nooks or as gifts.

Sophily Quality Guarantee

Your vision health and satisfaction matter to us. We stand behind every order with a risk-free 60 day return policy and 12 month replacement warranty. If you require prescription bifocals or stronger reading power, please consult your eye doctor.

For mild age-related vision changes, our magnification powers up to 3.0 suit most needs. We aim to help adults live, work, and play comfortably while looking stylish at an affordable price. Rediscover your favorite activities with enhanced visual ease thanks to Sophily bifocal reading glasses. Enjoy peace of mind with our customer guarantee.


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