SOPHILY Round Reading Glasses for Women and Men – Progressive Multifocal with Full Magnification and Blue Light Blocking


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Stay stylish while protecting your eyes with the SOPHILY Round Reading Glasses. These progressive multifocal glasses allow you to seamlessly switch between tasks without compromising your vision or style.

The generous round frames are both chic and comfortable, with adjustable spring hinges that custom fit your face. The lightweight TR90 material is durable yet flexible, designed to withstand daily wear. Choose between black, brown, red, or clear white colors to complement your personal style.

But it’s not just about looks with these reading glasses. The specially designed progressive lenses offer the ultimate in visual support whether you’re reading a book, browsing your phone, or watching TV. Here’s how it works:

Full Magnification for Close-Up Reading

The lower portion of the lens has full-power magnification, optimized for close-up reading and detail work. The prescription strength you select is fully provided in this zone, delivering crisp text and clear vision when you need it most. No more squinting or eye fatigue even after hours of reading.

Reduced Power for Mid-Range Tasks

The middle section of the SOPHILY reading glasses provides slightly reduced magnification, ideal for computer work, cooking, viewing your tablet or dashboard, and other mid-range tasks. By subtly changing the strength, your eyes can transition smoothly and focus across varying distances.

Distance Vision Support

At the top of the progressive lens, you’ll enjoy approximately half the power of your reading prescription. This lets you maintain visual accuracy for seeing in the distance, watching TV, recognizing faces, and other daily activities. No need to switch glasses or peer over the top when transitioning from close to far.

Seamless Vision Transition

With SOPHILY’s proprietary progressive lens technology, the magnification powers blend beautifully across the different zones. You’ll move seamlessly between reading, intermediate, and distance vision without even noticing the Rx change. No visible lines or junctions mean uninterrupted clarity.

Block Harmful Blue Light

In addition to the customized focus zones, these reading glasses also filter out up to 99% of harmful blue light emitted from digital screens and overhead lighting. This helps reduce eye strain, fatigue, and sleep disruption that can result from extended blue light exposure. More comfortable vision for work and relaxation.

UV Ray Protection

Along with blue light blocking, the lens material also filters 100% of UVA/UVB radiation from the sun. You’ll enjoy glare reduction and protection against damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

Prescription Strength for Every Need

The SOPHILY Progressive Reading Glasses are available in a wide range of magnifications from +1.00 to +3.50. Choose the strength you need for optimal close-up vision correction and eye comfort.

Your precise prescription can be determined by an optometrist, or you can select based on your current reading glasses power. If unsure, take our simple vision test by holding text 10 inches from your eyes. If the words look blurry or you feel strain, it’s time for a stronger prescription!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our reading glasses with a risk-free purchase. Try the SOPHILY Progressive Multifocals for 30 days and if you aren’t completely satisfied, return them for a full refund or replacement.

With adjustable comfort, blue light protection, and seamless vision transition between tasks, these glasses provide complete optical support. Ditch the reading glasses shuffle and experience effortless vision clarity with the SOPHILY Progressive Multifocals.


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