STAR WARS The Child Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Baby Yoda Computer Gaming Eye Strain Eyewear with Cleaning Pouch


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May the force be with your eyes! Introducing the ultimate blue light blocking glasses for Star Wars fans. These officially licensed Baby Yoda blue light glasses provide adorable protection against digital eye strain. The must-have computer glasses feature everyone’s favorite character, The Child, while shielding eyes from LED screens.

Digital devices like phones, tablets, and computers emit high energy blue light that can negatively impact sleep and eye health. The included removable blue light coating filters out 50% of harmful blue-violet light and 100% of UV rays. That means you can browse, game, or binge watch without discomfort or eye strain.

The stylish Baby Yoda art will bring a smile to any Star Wars lover. The subtle green tint complements the white medical-grade frames shaped to sit comfortably for hours. While the glare-reducing lenses keep eyes relaxed, the anti-scratch coating preserves the crisp graphics.

Give the gift of eye protection to the Star Wars fanatic in your life. The lightweight glasses allow both kids and adults to display their fandom while preventing premature aging from blue light exposure. The cleaning pouch lets you safely stash and carry your Baby Yoda glasses for endless adventures.

Product Features:

– Officially Licensed Star Wars Baby Yoda Artwork

– Blue Light Blocking Coating Filters 50% Harmful Rays

– 100% UV400 Protection Against Sun Damage

– Anti-Reflective Coating Reduces Glare

– Scratch-Resistant Lenses for Crystal Clear Vision

– Lightweight Design perfect for Kids and Adults

– Bonus branded Cleaning Pouch for Protection

Adorable Baby Yoda Design

Fans of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian will instantly recognize the adorable character fondly known as Baby Yoda. The Child bursts with cuteness as he rides in his hovering pod against a starry sky.

This officially licensed artwork is exclusively designed for our blue light glasses. The subtle design along the temples calls to mind Baby Yoda’s oversized ears without being overtly branded.

The smooth white frames complement the green tinted lenses. While the green lenses may seem an obvious color choice, this hue has been proven most effective for filtering blue light. The pleasant tint also reduces eye fatigue compared to yellow lenses.

Whether you want to subtly display your Star Wars street cred or just really love Baby Yoda, these glasses are for you! The endearing character art makes protection against eye strain enjoyable.

Protects Against Blue Light and UV Rays

Let’s be real, we all spend way too much time staring at screens. While technology connects us, it also bombards eyes with damaging blue light emissions. This intense visible light can penetrate deep into the eye and lead to long-term problems.

Symptoms like dry, irritated eyes, headaches, and trouble sleeping occur after continuous exposure. The removable blue light coating on the lenses filters 50% of high-energy blue-violet light from devices. This enhances screen viewing comfort and allows you to work, play, or chill without discomfort.

In addition to blue light, the lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB radiation from the sun. Prevent premature aging and damage to the eyes when outdoors. The glasses also cut screen glare allowing you to use devices outside without squinting.

Lightweight Flexible Frames

The soft silicone nose pad prevents any irritation or indentations while wearing the glasses. The ergonomic shape distributes weight evenly for undetectable comfort. The frames feel featherlight at just 20 grams.

The glasses are designed to fit both children and adults comfortably. Flexible hinges allow the arms to naturally contour around the head. This creates a secure fit when gaming or watching movies without tightness.

The durability stands up to daily use with kids who will inevitably sit on them, toss them in a bag, or fall asleep wearing them. The resilient frames bounce back to shape even with rough handling. Feel confident the glasses will withstand real-world use.

Complete Package for Protection

Keep your Baby Yoda blue light glasses safe and clean with the included accessories. The glasses come packaged in a deluxe Star Wars box ready for gifting to any fan. Slip them inside the bonus soft pouch when not in use.

The custom-branded cleaning cloth featuring the character art makes wiping smudges or dust simple. Avoid using harsh cleaners and let the microfiber cloth gently remove fingerprints and oils. Stash the glasses in the protective pouch to prevent scratching during transport or storage.

Give your eyes a break without sacrificing style with these officially licensed Baby Yoda blue light glasses. The subtle character design brings fun eye protection you won’t want to take off. Reduce headaches, strain, and irritation from LED screens with the ultimate glasses for the Star Wars lover in your life.


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