StickTite Instant Bifocal Readers – Turn Any Eyewear into Magnifying Glasses (2-Pack)


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Tired of lugging around multiple pairs of glasses for reading, computer use, driving, and more? With StickTite Instant Bifocal Readers, you can turn any pair of non-prescription sunglasses, safety goggles, or regular eyeglasses into magnifying bifocals in seconds.

Our innovative stick-on bifocal reading lenses adhere securely to lenses of all kinds of eyewear using patented static adhesion technology. No glue or adhesive is required, so the StickTite readers can be removed, repositioned, and reused as needed.

The flexible polymer bifocal lenses are ultra thin for excellent optics and durability. The flat section provides crystal clear distance vision, while the lower magnified zone lets you read text and see close-up details more clearly.


Instant Bifocals Anywhere – Apply the stick-on magnifying lenses to sunglasses, goggles, eyeglasses and more for instant reading glasses wherever you need them.

No Need to Carry Multiple Pairs of Glasses – Convert your existing eyewear into all-purpose bifocals instead of having separate glasses for reading, distance, computer use, etc.

Reusable & Re-positionable – StickTite plastic bifocal lenses can be removed, repositioned and switched between pairs of eyewear thanks to the non-adhesive static cling adhesion.

Crystal Clear Optics – Ultra thin profile lenses are barely noticeable but provide distortion-free magnification for reading text and seeing fine details up close.

Universal Fit – One size lenses measure 1.5 x 1.5 inches to fit virtually any shape or size lenses, including curved & oversized sunglass lenses.

Lightweight & Durable – Flexible polycarbonate magnifying lenses are shatterproof and scratch-resistant for active lifestyles.

Simple Application – Just mist lenses with water or cleaning solution, peel off protective film, and press onto clean eyewear lenses.


StickTite Bifocal Lenses are perfect for converting non-prescription eyewear that you already own and love into practical reading glasses, including:

Sunglasses – Stop squinting at menus, maps, ebooks and more while enjoying sunny days. Turn sunglasses into instant bifocal shades.

Safety & Sports Eyewear – Use the stick-on lenses to read gauges, instructions, labels on equipment while protecting your eyes.

Swim Goggles – See lane markers, timers, workout stats clearly during swimming.

Ski & Snowboard Goggles – Read trail maps, monitors and fine print without goggle fogging or freezing.

Prescription Eyeglasses – Add magnification to prescription lenses for reading or computer use without buying a second pair.


What makes StickTite Lenses stand out from other stick-on magnifiers?

Our innovative static adhesion technology creates a molecular attraction between the smooth bifocal lens surface and eyewear lenses for a secure bond that won’t slide around or fall off. Yet the lenses peel off cleanly whenever you need to remove or reposition them.

The precisely engineered zone of magnification at the bottom of the lenses provides 1.5X to 3X power for reading and detail work. The upper zone has no magnification for clear distance and peripheral vision.

The curved edges and extremely thin 0.5mm profile of the lenses allow them to conform to curved lenses without adding bulk or distorting your vision.

StickTite Bifocals come in handy pocket-sized packaging. Each set includes detailed application and usage instructions.

Our stick-on magnifying lenses are proudly made in the USA and backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Give yourself instant reading glasses anywhere, anytime! Order the 2-pack of StickTite Instant Bifocal Reading Lenses today!


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