Stop Slipping Glasses with Self-Adhesive Silicone Nose Pads – 12 Pairs of Comfortable Anti-Slip Pads for Eyeglasses


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Do your eyeglasses constantly slip down your nose? Are you tired of pushing them back up every few minutes? Upgrade to the hassle-free solution with self-adhesive silicone nose pads!

These innovative stick-on pads create a non-slip barrier between your skin and eyeglass frames. The soft silicone gently grips your nose while the adhesive backing secures the pads in place. Just stick them onto your existing glasses for an instant anti-slip upgrade!

The nose pads fit most frame styles and stay comfortably in position all day long. No more smudged lenses or sore skin from ill-fitting glasses. Experience glasses that actually stay put thanks to these self-adhesive nose pads!

Key Features:

Self-Adhesive Backing

– Strong adhesive instantly bonds pads onto frames
– Applies easily without glasses tools/supplies
– Holds securely even during exercise and activity

Soft Silicone Pads

– Cushioned pads prevent frame from pressing into skin
– Flexible material creates non-slip grip on nose
– Allows glasses to stay in place comfortably

Universal Fit

– Compatible with most eyeglass frame shapes
– Suitable for adults, kids, men, and women
– Works on prescription glasses, readers, and sunglasses

Ultra-Thin Profile

– Only 1mm thick to prevent bulkiness
– Lets glasses continue fitting closely to face
– Undetectable under frames for discreet use

12 Replacement Sets

– Includes 12 pairs of nose pads
– Allows re-application once adhesive wears off
– Provides months of non-slip eyeglass use

Overview of Benefits:

✔️ Stops slipping glasses – Pads create non-slip grip on nose

✔️ Soft silicone material – Comfortably cushions bridge of nose

✔️ Strong self-adhesive backing – Holds pads securely onto frames

✔️ Fits most frames – Suitable for different eyeglass styles

✔️ Universal sizes – Works for women, men, adults, and kids

✔️ Ultra-thin profile – Only 1mm thick to prevent bulkiness

✔️ Includes 12 pairs – Allows re-use for months on all glasses

✔️ Quick and easy application – Stick onto existing frames in seconds

Why You Need Self-Adhesive Nose Pads:

Stop Annoying Slipping Glasses

There’s nothing more irritating than glasses that won’t stay in position. You have to constantly nudge them back up the bridge of your nose, smudging the lenses in the process. The silicone pads create a non-slip barrier that gently grips your skin. No more slipping or readjusting your glasses every few minutes!

Prevent Frames From Irritating Skin

Ill-fitting glasses often pinch and rub against your nose, causing soreness and redness. The cushioned pads add a protective buffer between the frames and your skin. This eliminates painful pressure points while keeping your glasses comfortably in place.

Discreet Appearance for Any Frame

The ultra-thin 1mm pads are virtually undetectable under your frames. They add non-slip grip without altering the look or fit of your existing eyeglasses. The transparent pads seamlessly blend in for a discreet appearance.

Added Comfort All Day Long

From working at the computer to running errands, you can wear your upgraded glasses from sunrise to sunset. The soft silicone pads stay comfortable against your skin, unlike frames that press and poke. Ditch the mid-day headaches and soreness!

Fits Most Frames and Lens Types

Whatever your eyewear style – classic frames, trendy shapes, plastic lenses, prescription eyeglasses – the versatile nose pads adhere securely. They are ideal for adults, kids, women, and men. Stop annoying slippage on nearly any glasses!

How to Apply the Self-Adhesive Nose Pads:

Upgrading your existing eyeglasses takes just minutes with these easy application tips:

1. Clean any oils, dirt, or debris off eyeglass frames where pads will adhere. Wipe gently with rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.

2. Remove backing film from adhesive side of silicone nose pads.

3. Press and hold pads in place on inner sides of frames, at the bridge resting on nose.

4. Hold tightly for 60 seconds. Firm pressure activates strong adhesive bond to frames.

5. Adjust placement as needed during initial hold. Pads stick securely in just 1 minute!

6. Check that eyeglasses sit comfortably on nose and no longer slip down.

7. Replace pads every 3-6 months once adhesive starts to wear off.

Order Self-Adhesive Nose Pads for Non-Slip Glasses Today!

Never deal with slipping eyeglasses again! These innovative silicone nose pads provide an instant upgrade to keep frames firmly in place all day. Just peel, stick, and press onto existing glasses for a comfortable anti-slip barrier. Ditch the constant nudging and smudged lenses!


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