Stylish Bifocal Readers that Filter Harmful Blue Light


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If you find yourself squinting to see things up close or constantly taking off your glasses to switch between reading and distance vision, it may be time for bifocals. HIYANJN’s Blue Light Blocking Bifocal Reading Glasses for Women are specifically designed for convenience and eye protection, with chic oversized frames you’ll love wearing.

These progressive bifocal readers feature clear lenses that allow natural light transmission indoors and out. The precision optical quality upper zones let you see street signs, grocery shelves, and faces clearly for distance vision. But when you glance downward, the lower zone magnifies text for reading and close-up work. There’s no visible line – just smooth transitioning between the zones.

The lenses don’t just help you see better, they also provide critical blue light filtering. Excessive blue light exposure from computers, phones, tablets, and artificial lighting causes eyestrain, headaches, and sleep disruption. HIYANJN’s readers block this harmful spectrum so you can read and browse more comfortably.

Flattering Oversized Frames for Every Face

These blue light filtering progressive bifocal glasses feature universally flattering oversized frames with just the right amount of coverage. Available in classic black, bold demi, and transparent crystal, they suit every personal style.

The lightweight TR90 resin won’t weigh down your face. It flexes for the best fit across different cheek and nose shapes. Rubber nose pads prevent slipping. At just 1.45oz, these feel great to wear for all-day use without leaving marks.

Seamless Magnification from Near to Far

With single vision glasses, you’re stuck in one zone. Reading glasses only work up close. Distance glasses only sharpen far away objects.

Bifocals eliminate the need to switch pairs. HIYANJN’s reading glasses have upper zones for distance and lower zones for magnification. There’s no visible dividing line – just smooth transitioning from far to near.

Simply glance down to magnify text for effortless reading and close work. Look up and the upper zones give you clear long-range vision. No more taking glasses off and on all day long!

Prevent Headaches and Improve Sleep

Staring at digital screens late into the night messes with sleep cycles. Tablets, phones, laptops, and more give off high levels of blue light that suppress melatonin production and keep you wired and awake.

The lenses in these blue light blocking bifocals filter over 90% of this harmful spectrum. This alleviates digital eye strain, tension headaches, and sleep issues.

At the same time, they allow plenty of visible light transmission so you can see clearly indoors and outdoors. Protect your eyes while maintaining clear vision.

Enjoy Worry-Free Versatility

HIYANJN’s Blue Light Blocking Bifocal Reading Glasses for Women make a wonderful everyday pair. Their versatility allows you to:

  • Read books, magazines, newspapers, recipes, labels
  • Work on crafts, knitting, models, puzzles, and hobbies
  • Use computers, phones, tablets without eye fatigue
  • Reduce glare when driving at night or in bright sunlight
  • See menus, product labels, and prices when shopping
  • Enjoy TV and movies with less eyestrain

Keep a pair in your bedroom, office, car – everywhere you need eye protection and hands-free magnification!

Try them risk-free to see if progressive lenses are right for you. HIYANJN provides a money-back guarantee for a full refund.

Ditch your readers for good. These bifocals provide seamless vision correction and blue light defense in chic, flattering frames. Your eyes will thank you!

Product Details:

  • Oversized TR90 frames in black, demi, and transparent
  • Progressive bifocal lenses with blue light filtering
  • HD clarity and scratch resistance
  • 1.45 oz lightweight resin construction
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee


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