Stylish Square Frame Photochromic Multifocal Reading Glasses for Men and Women – Comfortable and Lightweight Fashionable Presbyopia Sunglasses


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Need reading glasses but don’t want to carry around multiple pairs for indoor, outdoor, and sunglass use? Our stylish square frame multifocal reading sunglasses are the perfect solution! These fashionable unisex reading glasses feature innovative photochromic lenses that automatically adjust from clear indoors to sunglass tint when exposed to UV sunlight outdoors. No more constantly switching pairs or getting caught without shades when the sun comes out!

The lightweight nylon full rim frame comes in classic black with silver metal hinge accents. The durable square shape flatters all face types. Soft rubber nose pads allow a custom and comfortable fit. At just 28g, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. The lenses measure 50mm wide x 34mm high, offering full eye coverage without looking oversized.

But the real magic lies within the lenses! Engineered with cutting-edge photochromic technology, these lenses react to UV exposure and darken to a sunglass tint outdoors or in sunlight. Once back inside, the tint fades back to a crystal clear lens within minutes. The lenses provide 100% UV400 protection against harmful radiation that can damage eyes. Enjoy seamless transition between indoor and outdoor vision, while protecting your eyes!

In addition, the lenses utilize progressive multifocal focus to allow clear vision at all distances – no segmentation lines. The upper area provides distance vision, the lower portion magnifies for close-up reading, and the area in between allows sharp focus for computer work and driving.

People with presbyopia can ditch their bifocals and experience smooth transition between focal ranges in a single pair of glasses. The wider intermediate zone makes adaptation fast and easy. The ultra thin 1.5 index lenses are lightweight, durable, and offer wide undistorted viewing areas.

Tips for first-time progressive lens wearers:
– Start by using the glasses for easier tasks like walking around before tackling detailed work. Allow time to adapt to positioning your head properly to utilize different zones of the lens.
– Use the engraving or marking to help find the proper downward gaze for reading. Don’t force your eyes to look through the wrong portion of the lens.
– Give your brain 2-4 weeks to fully adapt. The glasses may feel odd at first but your eyes will adjust.
– Buy a couple pairs in your power to keep throughout the home, office, car, and bag. You’ll adapt faster by wearing them consistently.

We want all our customers to be fully satisfied with our photochromic multifocal reading sunglasses. If you need any guidance on adapting to progressives, reach out and we’ll be happy to help! With easy indoor-outdoor transitions, UV eye protection, and multi-range vision correction in one pair of fashionable glasses, you may never want to wear traditional glasses again!


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