Success Eyewear Reading Glasses 3 Pack – Full Rim Metal Frame Reading Glasses for Men and Women


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Always have a pair handy with this convenient 3 pack of stylish and durable reading glasses from Success Eyewear. The full rim metal frames offer a classic, timeless look that complements any outfit. With three different magnification strengths, you can keep a pair in your office, car, or purse so you’ll never have to struggle to read fine print again.

Read Comfortably Anywhere with 3 Pairs of Reading Glasses

This set includes reading glasses with lens powers of +1.00, +1.50, and +2.00. The lower powers work well for reading menus in dim restaurants or ingredients on food labels in the grocery store. Medium powers are ideal for reading books and tablets. Higher powers provide extra help for reading small text in newspapers, contracts, instruction manuals, and more.

With three pairs, you can store reading glasses in multiple places – keep a pair by your favorite reading chair, in your vehicle’s glove box, at the office, and anywhere else you frequently need to read small text. The compact glasses won’t take up much space in purses, backpacks, or luggage for travel.

Full Rim Metal Frames Offer Timeless Style

The classic full rim metal frames complement both formal and casual style. The frames are durable spring hinges so they open and fold smoothly without losing their shape over time. The arms have rubber tips to provide a comfortable, non-slip fit over the ears.

The round lenses measure 45mm wide x 43mm high for ample vision coverage without looking oversized. The sleek black frames flatter all face shapes with a stylish look that never goes out of fashion.

Custom Fit for All-Day Comfort

Adjustable nose pads allow you to customize the fit of these reading glasses for your nose bridge size. Soft rubber tips on the temple arms prevent sore spots behind the ears.

Weighing just 18g, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing these lightweight yet sturdy reading glasses. The durable polycarbonate lenses resist scratches and impacts.

Whether you wear them for hours of reading novels or just need a quick magnifying boost to read a menu, these comfortable reading glasses get the job done without headache or ear pain.

How Do Reading Glasses Work?

Reading glasses have special lenses designed to magnify text and images to make them appear larger to your eyes.

As we age, the lenses in our eyes gradually lose flexibility and cannot focus on close objects and small print as easily as when we were younger. Reading glasses provide optical magnification to make up for those changes in vision.

The lens power tells you how much the glasses will magnify:

+1.00 – Minimal magnification for menu reading and grocery labels
+1.50 – Mid-level for most reading
+2.00 – Stronger power for extra small print

Reading glasses do NOT correct astigmatism, near-sightedness, or far-sightedness. They simply magnify things to make them easier to see.

Be sure to get an updated vision exam every 1-2 years since your magnification needs may increase over time. Proper magnification allows you to read comfortably without eye strain.

When Should You Use Reading Glasses?

Pull out your reading glasses any time you need to view something at close range (around 16 inches or less from your eyes). Common situations where reading glasses come in handy include:

– Reading books, newspapers, or magazines
– Studying notes, recipes, documents
– Reading instructions on medications, appliances
– Viewing phones, computers, tablets
– Reading menus in dim lighting
– Inspecting fine details on crafts, models, jewelry
– Reading tags on clothing, prices on shelf labels
– Reading maps, event programs, fliers

Keep reading glasses handy by storing pairs within arm’s reach of places you frequently need to refer to small text – by your favorite chair, kitchen counters, office desk, nightstand, glove box, etc.

Tips for Choosing the Right Reading Glasses

– Get a routine vision exam to determine what diopter powers you need for reading. Optometrists can prescribe custom reading glasses tailored to your needs.

– For over-the-counter reading glasses, choose magnification powers based on your age and testing different strengths:

Ages 45-53 – Try +1.00 to +1.50

Ages 54-58 – Try +1.50 to +2.00

Ages 59+ – Try +2.00 to +2.50 or stronger

– Make sure the frames fit comfortably and don’t slip down your nose. Adjustable nose pads and rubberized ear pieces provide a customized fit.

– Look for scratch-resistant lenses to maintain clear vision even with daily use.

– Choose stylish, flattering frames since you’ll likely wear your reading glasses frequently.

– Have separate computer glasses with a modified lens design to reduce digital eye strain.

Ready to Read with Ease?

Never squint or struggle through small print again! This 3 pack of Success Eyewear reading glasses ensures you always have magnification within reach. The classic metal frames and precision optical lenses let you read comfortably all day long. Click Add to Cart now to experience effortless reading anywhere life takes you!


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