SUGLSS Multifocus Photochromic Progressive Reading Glasses – Round Transition Lenses Block Blue Light and Automatically Adapt to Changing Light


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Tired of constantly switching between your readers, computer glasses, sunglasses, and bifocals? SUGLSS Multifocus Photochromic Progressive Glasses are the revolutionary all-in-one eyewear solution.

These innovative round reading glasses feature advanced photochromic transition lenses that automatically adapt their tint based on lighting conditions. Outdoors, the lenses darken to a stylish blue tint, transforming into sunglasses that filter bright sunlight. Indoors, they remain clear, blocking blue light from digital devices.

With progressive focus, the lenses transition smoothly from distance vision through intermediate to near vision. Now you can seamlessly view objects at any range, enjoying crisp, fatigue-free vision whether reading, using the computer, watching TV, driving, or grocery shopping.

SUGLSS multifocal photochromic glasses combine the benefits of bifocals, computer glasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses in one convenient pair. Finally, you can tackle all your daily activities without switching eyewear.

Auto-Adjusting Photochromic Lenses

The cutting-edge lenses in these multifocal reading sunglasses automatically adjust their tint in response to changing light levels:

Outdoors: The lenses darken into a blue tinted sunglass in direct sunlight, filtering out glare and harmful UV rays that can damage your eyes. Enjoy crisp vision and UV protection for outdoor reading, driving, and activities.

Indoors: In low light and cloudy conditions, the lenses become completely clear, protecting your eyes from digital blue light without distorting colors or reducing clarity like tinted glasses.

The intelligent lenses ensure visual comfort in any environment by adapting their tint to match ambient light. Dark and protective outdoors, clear and blue light filtering indoors. No more switching between multiple pairs of glasses!

Progressive Focus

SUGLSS reading sunglasses utilize Varilux progressive focus technology for sharp vision at all distances:

– The lower portion magnifies text for clear, close-up reading and detail work. Adjustable strengths from 1.0 to 3.5.

– The middle section optimizes focus for computer use, grocery shopping, and driving.

– The top maintains zero magnification for crisp distance vision.

The smooth transition zone between focal areas provides natural vision without noticeable lines or jumps. Progressive lenses make these multifocal glasses ideal for dynamic everyday use.

Blue Light Blocking

In clear indoor mode, SUGLSS photochromic progressive glasses filter out over 96% of high-energy blue light from electronic screens and LED/fluorescent lights. Blue light can penetrate deep into eyes, causing digital eye strain, headaches, and impaired sleep. By blocking blue light, these reading sunglasses protect your vision and prevent eye fatigue.

UV Protection

The darkened sunglass lenses block over 99% of UVA/UVB radiation, protecting eyes from sun damage and conditions like cataracts. Enjoy outdoor reading and activities safely.

Sleek, Durable Frame

The lightweight metal frame is break-resistant and flexes gently for a secure, comfortable fit. Soft rubber nose pads prevent slippage while avoiding pressure points. Stylish in black, the frame complements both casual and formal wear.

Resin Lenses

Shatter-resistant resin lenses provide visual clarity, blocking glare and filtering harmful blue-violet light. The durable lenses withstand years of daily use without scratching. Anti-reflective and anti-static coatings further enhance optical clarity while repelling dust.

Adjustable, Non-Slip Fit

Adjustable rubber nose pads and tips keep the glasses firmly and comfortably in place. Soft pad material prevents irritation. The straight temples stay secure behind the ears without pinching. Designed to fit most men and women comfortably.

Premium Accessories

Each order includes:
– Protective glasses case
– Cleaning cloth
– User manual
– 45 day money back guarantee
– One year manufacturer warranty

Experience simplified vision correction with SUGLSS Multifocus Photochromic Progressive Reading Glasses. Never switch pairs again! Place your order today.


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