Sun-Staches Disney Mickey and Minnie Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Stylish Eye Protection for Kids


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Give your kids the gift of eye health and Disney magic with these charming Mickey and Minnie blue light blocking glasses from Sun-Staches. These playful and protective glasses feature everyone’s favorite Disney couple – Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Protects Little Eyes from Harmful Blue Light

Today’s kids spend hours glued to phones, tablets, computers and TVs. The blue light emitted from these devices can cause eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption. Help protect your child’s vision with lightweight lenses that filter out 90% of dangerous blue light and 100% of UV rays.

One Size Fits Most Kids Comfortably

These blue light glasses are designed to comfortably fit young kids and tweens of all ages. The frames are made from flexible and durable material to ensure a custom fit. The adjustable silicone nose pads prevent sliding. At just 1.1 oz, children won’t even notice they’re wearing them! Fits ages 2 and up.

adds a Splash of Disney Magic

Kids will love the way these Mickey and Minnie glasses make them look smart and stylish! The classic character designs add a splash of Disney magic that makes wearing blue light blocking glasses fun. It’s a hassle-free way to get kids excited about protecting their eyesight.

The Perfect Gift for Any Disney Lover

Delight your Disney devotee with these novelty glasses that blend eye protection with their favorite characters. Mickey and Minnie’s faces are beautifully displayed on the lenses so kids can rep their love of Disney. These make great party favors, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts or prizes.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and durable frames constructed from flexible plastic
  • Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent sliding
  • Blocks 90% of harmful blue light from digital devices
  • 100% UV400 protection lenses
  • Reduces headaches and eye fatigue from screen exposure
  • Helps regulate circadian rhythms and melatonin production
  • Mickey and Minnie designs printed on lenses
  • One size fits most kids ages 2 and up
  • Weighs only 1.1 oz for comfortable wear

The Dangers of Blue Light

Health experts warn that overexposure to blue light from the screens of phones, computers and other electronics leads to a range of problems, especially in children:

  • Digital eye strain
  • Blurred vision
  • Fatigue and headaches
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Suppressed melatonin
  • Eye development issues

The overuse of devices at a young age makes protecting your child’s vision a priority. These trendy Mickey/Minnie glasses allow kids to look cool while blocking excessive blue light.

Buying Guide

When shopping for blue light blocking glasses for your child, look for:

  • Adjustable fit – Kids grow fast! Choose glasses with stretchy silicone pads.
  • Lightweight feel – Opt for frames less than 2 ounces to prevent sliding.
  • Lens material – Polycarbonate lenses offer durability and scratch-resistance.
  • Blue light filtration – Block at least 90% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light.
  • UV protection – Shield 100% of UVA/UVB rays with UV400 lenses.

These stylish Mickey/Minnie glasses check all the boxes!

Our Guarantee

Your child’s vision is precious. We back these blue light glasses with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love the fit, feel or function of these Sun-Staches, return for a full refund! With sizes fitting kids 2 to 15 years, you can buy with confidence.

Give your child the gift of eye health blended with a dash of Disney delight. Order the Sun-Staches Disney Mickey and Minnie blue light blocking glasses today!


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