SUNAMOY Retro Classic Bifocal Reading Glasses for Women and Men – Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Reduce Eye Strain


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Treat your eyes right with these retro classic bifocal reading glasses from SUNAMOY. The stylish, oversized frame provides superior blue light blocking to reduce eye strain when using digital devices. The clear top lenses allow you to seamlessly switch between seeing near and far. Plus, the lightweight, durable frame and scratch-resistant lenses ensure long-lasting comfort.

All-Day Blue Light Protection

Staring at computer and phone screens all day can take a toll on your eyes. The harmful blue light emitted from devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones can cause eye strain, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns. SUNAMOY’s bifocal reading glasses have specialized lenses that filter out 90% of blue light. This protects your eyes and prevents discomfort when reading or browsing on screens for extended periods. You’ll experience less eye fatigue even after hours of use.

Progressive No Line Bifocal Design

The ingenious progressive bifocal design allows you to transition seamlessly between seeing nearby objects clearly and viewing distant objects through the clear top lenses. The “invisible” seamless line bifocals mean no more constantly taking off your readers to look at something across the room or switching between two pairs of glasses. Just tilt your head down slightly to read a book or tilt up to see the board in a classroom or conference room. It’s incredibly convenient, comfortable, and stylish.

Lightweight Frame for All-Day Wear

Even though the lenses provide enhanced protection, the frame remains lightweight and comfortable. The flexible spring hinges and rubber nose pads ensure the glasses sit gently on your face. You’ll barely notice you have them on! The oversized round frame has a retro classic look but is designed for durability. The scratch-resistant lenses and sturdy frame can withstand regular use. Pick between basic black or bold tortoiseshell grey frame colors.

One Size Fits Most

With an extra wide frame shape, these blue light blocking bifocals fit most face sizes and shapes. The arms are adjustable for a custom fit. Women and men alike will love the chic, oversized round silhouette that’s both fashionable and functional. At 62mm wide, it’s suitable for those with smaller faces or larger heads. Now you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Reduce Eye Strain and Sleep Better

You’ll immediately notice a reduction in eye fatigue when you put on these readers. The tinted lenses filter visual noise and distortion. Avoid squinting, headaches, and dry eyes even when using monitors for hours on end. Plus, limiting blue light exposure in the evenings helps increase melatonin production so you fall asleep faster. Protect your vision and improve sleep quality.

Perfect for Work or Leisure

Keep these multipurpose bifocal glasses handy at the office to reduce headaches and eye discomfort when working on a computer all day. The stylish yet subtle look is appropriate for professional settings. Or take them on the go and enjoy clearer vision when reading, crafting, cooking and more at home without constantly switching pairs. The convenient carrying case protects them in your purse or backpack.

Premium Build and Materials

From the precisely cut lenses to the flexible plastic nose pads, these glasses boast quality craftsmanship. Both the frame and lenses are made from durable materials built to withstand scratches and typical wear and tear. The lightweight plastic frame comes in classic colors like black and grey tortoiseshell to match any outfit. Enjoy long-lasting performance thanks to premium construction.

Worry-Free Customer Service

SUNAMOY stands behind their products with friendly customer service. If you have any issues with your blue light blocking bifocal glasses, contact the team for a timely resolution. All orders come with a protective case, lens cloth, eyeglass straps, and easy instructions. Give the gift of clean, comfortable vision or upgrade your own eye protection today.


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