Train and Strengthen Your Eyes with Portable Red Green Glasses


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Do you struggle with amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), or other binocular vision problems? Red green glasses can help train your eyes and improve vision!

These portable eye training glasses use colored lenses to reduce visual suppression, improve eye coordination, and treat reading issues. They are perfect for both children and adults with amblyopia, exotropia, convergence insufficiency, and other disorders.

How Do Red Green Glasses Work?

The red lens over one eye and green lens over the other eye work together to:

Reduce Inhibition – The colored lenses decrease your stronger eye’s tendency to suppress and ignore the weaker eye, allowing both eyes to work in sync.

Improve Fusion – Your brain is forced to combine the red and green images from each eye to perceive depth and 3D. This strengthens fusion skills.

Train Focus – You must use active focus to see a complete picture through these glasses, training eye muscles and concentration.

Regular use develops critical visual skills and balances visual input between your eyes for long-term gains.

Benefits of Red Green Glasses

These vision training glasses provide many benefits including:

Fixing Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) – The weaker amblyopic eye is forced to work harder, improving acuity and use over time.

Treating Strabismus (Crossed Eyes) – Both eyes are coordinated together, realigning wandering eyes.

Reducing Eyestrain – Eye coordination is strengthened to prevent fatigue when reading or working.

Improving Reading – Allowing both eyes to work together improves tracking and comprehension.

Correcting Depth Perception – Stereopsis is developed for better judgement of distance and dimensions.

With regular use, you’ll see great improvements in binocular vision and reading ability.

Features of Our Eye Training Glasses

Our red green glasses incorporate the highest quality features:

👓 Lightweight Design – The frames and lenses are ultra slim and comfortable for extended wear.

👓 Adjustable Frames – Fits small children to adults with fully adjustable frame size and lens angles.

👓 Shatterproof Lenses – Durable polycarbonate lenses are impact and scratch-resistant.

👓 Protective Case – Glasses come with a hard case to prevent damage when transporting or storing.

👓 Detailed Instructions – Includes a training guide with pro tips and suggested eye exercise routines.

With our red green glasses, you have a safe, non-invasive tool for improving amblyopia, strabismus, and other binocular vision disorders. Order a pair today to strengthen your eyes!


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