TurboFlex Fiery Kids High Definition Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Flexible, Durable, Kid-Friendly Frames


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Keep your child’s eyes safe and healthy with the TurboFlex Fiery Kids High Definition Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These innovative glasses are specifically designed for children, with a durable and flexible frame that can withstand the rigors of everyday play and wear.

The groundbreaking TurboFlex hinge allows the arms to rotate a full 360 degrees, ensuring a perfect fit and unmatched comfort for kids of all ages. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this hinge is far stronger than a typical frame joint. It prevents losing adjustments or breaking, even with frequent dropping or bending. Kids can truly be kids without worrying about damaging their vision-protecting eyewear.

Beyond durability, the stylish round lenses optimize eye health. The HD lenses filter out 40% of harmful blue light from digital devices, while allowing safe white light through. This protects young eyes from eyestrain and disrupted sleep cycles associated with blue light exposure. Your child can text, game, and watch videos comfortably all day long.

The lenses also reduce glare and enhance visual contrast, promoting concentration and learning. Available in trendy red/orange or blue light filtering options, you can choose the tint that your child prefers. The lightweight nylon frame comes in a variety of colors for a customized look.

Some additional features that make these glasses stand out:

Kid Tough Durability:

– TurboFlex 360 hinge made with high-quality stainless steel rotates in every direction for durability and a perfect fit

– Withstands bending, dropping, and other stresses that break ordinary kids’ eyewear

Superior Blue Light Blocking:

– Filters 40% of harmful blue light from screens and devices

– Reduces eyestrain, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns

– Allows beneficial white light through for healthy circadian rhythms

Enhanced Visual Clarity:

– HD lenses optimize contrast and reduce glare

– Promotes concentration and academic performance

Maximum Comfort:

– Flexible hinge adjusts to your child’s head size and shape

– Lightweight nylon frame designed for kids’ comfort

Stylish and Customizable:

– Fun color options like red/orange or blue light filtering lenses

– Variety of nylon frame colors for your child’s unique style

Give your child the gift of durable, comfortable vision protection with TurboFlex Fiery Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The flexible hinge ensures the perfect fit while staying put through every adventure. The lenses filter eye-damaging blue light while enhancing visual clarity.

Your child can fully embrace their active lifestyle while protecting their eyesight for years to come. Click Add to Cart now to start building lasting eye health habits.


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