Umizato [Sybil] [Surfliner] [Hiawatha] Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Protect Your Child’s Vision


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In the era of smartphones and tablets, our kids spend more time than ever staring at digital screens. This excessive blue light exposure can lead to digital eye strain, disrupted sleep, and even long-term damage to growing eyes.

That’s why Umizato created stylish, lightweight blue light blocking glasses just for children. Filtering out the most harmful blue light rays, these glasses allow your kids to continue using devices while protecting their vision and sleep.

Block Harmful Blue Light Rays

Umizato lenses use proprietary technology to filter 30% of blue light at 400-470nm wavelengths and over 90% at 400-500nm. This includes the most damaging high-energy blue light that can penetrate deep into the eye.

By wearing their Umizato glasses a few hours before bedtime, your kids will avoid blue light overexposure. Their bodies can produce melatonin naturally and their sleep quality will improve.

Reduce Fatigue and Prevent Eye Strain

Staring at screens all day can lead to tired, irritated eyes. Umizato glasses feature scratch-resistant lenses engineered to defend against eye fatigue and strain.

Your children will experience less headaches, dry eyes, and migraines even after hours of screen time. The lightweight frames and minimal tint also allow comfortable all-day wear.

Designed Just for Kids

Available in fun colors like Hiawatha, Surfliner, and Sybil, these blue light computer glasses feature cool colors and prints kids love. The inside arms display cute designs to delight younger kids while the sleek styling appeals to tweens.

Weighing just 18g, the acetate frames and spring hinges ensure a flexible fit for growing faces. Your child will barely notice them on!

True Color Visibility

Many blue light blocking lenses add a disruptive yellow or orange tint. Umizato glasses use low color distortion lenses so your child can see screens in their true color.

Minimal tint means no more straining to see through unnecessary color filtering. Our proprietary technology filters only the most damaging blue light rays for healthy eyes.

Premium Durability and Protection

From rambunctious play to tossed backpacks, kids’ glasses take a beating. That’s why Umizato uses only premium optical-quality materials for maximum durability.

The scratch-resistant lenses protect your investment while the lightweight acetate frames withstand drops and bends. Each pair also includes a custom microfiber pouch to guard against scratches.

Umizato’s No-Risk Guarantee

Designed in Southern California by parents like you, Umizato stands behind our blue light glasses for kids. We offer a full 365 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Give the gift of eye protection and better sleep to the kids in your life. Order their Umizato blue light blocking glasses today!

What Sets Umizato’s Kids’ Glasses Apart?

  • Proprietary lens technology filters 30% blue light 400-470nm, over 90% 400-500nm
  • Minimal color distortion for true screen visibility
  • Premium optical materials and scratch-resistant lenses
  • Lightweight acetate frames designed for kids
  • Blocks blue light for less eye strain and better sleep
  • Prevents headaches and irritation from screen overuse
  • Fun colors and prints kids love
  • Stylish for tweens, cute for young kids
  • 365 day money back guarantee

Give Your Kids the Gift of Healthy Vision

Childhood eye health impacts development, learning, and wellbeing. Protecting your kids’ eyes is essential in the age of smartphones and tablets.

Umizato blue light glasses allow children to continue using beloved devices while guarding against damage. As parents ourselves, we know how difficult limiting screen time can be.

Our mission is to create functional, durable glasses kids want to wear for all-day eye protection. Questions? Reach out anytime – we’re always happy to help parents make the healthiest choices for their children.


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