Under Armour Men’s UA Rumble/F Square Sunglasses – Sporty Protection for Outdoor Activities


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Block glaring sunlight and protect your eyes during your favorite outdoor activities with the Under Armour Men’s UA Rumble/F Square Sunglasses. Designed for performance and protection, these sporty shades feature a durable, flexible frame and maximum UV blocking lenses.

Lightweight TR90 Frame

The Rumble/F sunglasses are constructed with a TR90 frame, which is designed for both durability and flexibility. This high-tech material is hypoallergenic, resistant to UV damage, and can withstand high impacts and temperatures. Even during intense training or competition, the frame remains lightweight and comfortable.

Secure Wrap-Around Fit

To keep the shades locked in place during movement, the Rumble/F sunglasses have a sporty wrap-around shape to the lenses and frame. The injected temples and front feature non-slip rubber trim for a customized fit that prevents sliding. Rubber nose pads also ensure a secure grip without uncomfortable pressure on the nose bridge.

UV Protection

The polycarbonate lenses effectively filter 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays and absorb UVC rays to provide complete UV protection for your eyes. Whether you’re playing sports outside all day or spending time on the water, these sunglasses shield your eyes from glare and sun damage.

Stylish Square Lenses

While the Rumble/F sunglasses prioritize performance and protection, the square shape of the lenses also provides a fashionable, sleek look. The dark grey lens color keeps your eyes shaded while adding subtle style.

Designed for Athletic Use

From running and hiking to golf and watersports, the UA Rumble/F sunglasses are optimized for athletic activities and active lifestyles. The durable frame and secure fit allow you to wear them for training, competing, or playing outdoors without worries of breakage or slipping.

Under Armour Technology

Using innovative technology and materials, Under Armour designs athletic apparel and accessories to improve performance. Just like their moisture-wicking shirts and shorts, these sunglasses include features for comfort, protection, and durability during physical activity.

Keep Sunglasses Safe and Clean

Each pair of Rumble/F sunglasses come with a protective microfiber pouch. When not wearing your shades, store them in the pouch to prevent scratches or damage. The microfiber cleans the lenses each time you take the sunglasses in or out.

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Protect your eyes and improve performance with the UA Rumble/F Square Sunglasses. The durable, flexible frame and wrap-around design keep them secure during any activity under the sun. Maximize UV protection and visibility with the sleek, sporty square lenses. Choose your favorite frame color and prepare for outdoor adventures!


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