Unicorn Magic! Fun Eye Patches for Girls’ Glasses – Cute Patches to Treat Lazy Eye and Improve Vision


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Does your little girl need to wear an eye patch for lazy eye treatment or vision therapy? Make the experience more fun and enjoyable with these magical unicorn-themed fabric patches!

Slipping over her glasses comfortably, these cute patches feature a soft unicorn design that any girl will love. Available in a set of 6 so she can switch them out whenever she wants a new style!

Whimsical and Adorable for More Positive Patching

Having to wear an eye patch can be upsetting for a child. But these playful unicorn patches transform the experience into something whimsical and positive!

The light pastel colors and glittery unicorns make it feel like she’s accessing secret magic powers every time she puts one on. She’ll look forward to patching instead of dreading it.

Each set of 6 patches features a unique unicorn image in a variety of cute poses. Let her pick her favorite design each day for more enjoyment.

Breathable Fabric for Comfortable Wear

These girl’s eye patches are made from soft, breathable non-woven fabric that’s gentle on sensitive skin.

Unlike adhesive patches that stick directly onto the eyes, these fabric patches slip over her glasses for irritation-free wear. The smooth fabric feels soft and lightweight for all-day comfort.

The patches measure about 10 x 5 cm in size to fit children’s eyeglasses without obstructing vision. Elastic edging stretches to accommodate a secure and personalized fit.

Effectively Blocks Light for Treatment

Cute as they may be, these patches first and foremost provide effective vision therapy for conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye).

The fabric fully blocks light on the patched eye, forcing it to work harder. This strengthens the eye over time and improves vision.

The patches are also great for use after corrective eye surgery, protecting the eye while it heals.

Reusable and Easy to Use

Made from durable non-woven fabric, these kids’ eye patches can be washed and reused over and over. Just machine wash and air dry as needed.

Using them is a breeze – simply slip the patch over the lens on the healthier/stronger eye, with the cute image facing out. Adjust the elastic edges for the best fit over any child’s glasses.

Bring Positivity to the Patching Process

Patching a lazy eye is crucial for improving vision, but it can be a drag for kids. Make the process more upbeat with these endearing unicorn patches!

Let your girl pick her favorite design each day and watch her perk up. The soft fabric provides comfortable wear for extended vision therapy.

Give your child’s patching routine a sprinkling of magic with these reusable unicorn eye patches!


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