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Do you spend hours staring at screens for work, school, or entertainment? Our digital world can unfortunately lead to tired, irritated eyes. Luckily URAQT’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses are here to filter out the damaging blue light rays that cause eye strain!

Advanced Lenses Block Harmful Blue Light

These glasses feature advanced lenses designed to block 90% of high energy blue light emitted from device screens. Studies show too much exposure to blue light can lead to headaches, blurry vision, trouble sleeping and long-term eye damage. URAQT’s lenses prevent eye fatigue by dramatically reducing blue light transmission.

Anti-Glare Coating Further Enhances Visual Comfort

In addition to blue light filtering, the lenses have an anti-glare coating to further reduce eyestrain. This coating prevents annoying glares and reflections on the lenses to optimize visual clarity. Users experience less distracting glare when wearing their digital blockers.

Alleviate Eye Discomfort from Extended Screen Use

If you suffer from tired, strained eyes after using computers, smartphones, gaming consoles and more, these are the perfect glasses for relief. The specialized tinted lenses make screen viewing more comfortable by filtering excess light frequencies.

Helps Promote Better Sleep by Blocking Blue Light

Blue light exposure before bed can disrupt your natural sleep cycle. URAQT glasses work by blocking blue light wavelengths to avoid interference with healthy melatonin production. This enables your body to relax and prepare for restful sleep at night.

Lightweight TR90 Frames Built for Durability

The classic frame style is crafted using durable TR90 material for reliable long-term wear. TR90 nylon frames offer optimal strength, memory and flexibility properties. The advanced thermoplastic ensures the frames retain their shape without warping or cracking over time.

Glasses Arms Adjust to Fit Your Face

URAQT glasses feature flexible adjustable arms with silicone pads that allow you to customize the fit. The pliable arms can be bent and molded to adhere closely to your head size and shape. Once adjusted, the glasses will grip your face securely.

Nose Pads Prevent Slipping and Discomfort

Integrated nose pads conform to the bridge of your nose for a non-slip fit. The glasses stay firmly in place without constantly sliding down your nose. The ergonomic nose pads prevent pinching or discomfort, even during extended wear.

Retro Rectangular Lens Shape Complements All Face Types

The classic wayfarer-inspired silhouette flatters both men and women. The medium rectangular lenses measure 54mm wide by 34mm high for expanded peripheral vision. URAQT glasses complement oval, round, square and heart shaped faces beautifully.

Choose from Multiple Frame Colors to Match Outfits

URAQQT glasses come in versatile color options like Crystal Clear, Leopard Tortoise, Vintage Green, Classic Black, Warm Brown and Elegant Gray. Coordinate the shades with your personal fashion style, outfits for the office, weekends and more.

Premium Hard Case Keeps Glasses Safe

A deluxe hard glasses case is included with each pair of blue light blocking glasses. The durable case protects your glasses from damage when stored in your bag, purse or luggage. Use the case to prevent scratches and cracked lenses.

Ideal for Work, School, Gaming and Screen Use

If you’re seeking blue light glasses for computer use, gaming, studying, reading or browsing phones, URAQT has you covered. The classes make extended screen time more comfortable and prevent premature eye aging.

Why Customers Love URAQT Blue Light Blockers:

🌟 Filters 90% of harmful blue light

🌟 Prevents headaches and eye fatigue

🌟 Allows clear vision without distortion

🌟 Durable and lightweight TR90 frames

🌟 Flexible arms adjust to your face

🌟 Anti-slip nose pads keep glasses in place

🌟 Classic wayfarer lens shape flatters everyone

🌟 Multiple colors match different styles

🌟 Premium hard case for protection

Treat your eyes right with URAQT’s blue light filtering glasses! Backed by a 90-day money back guarantee, you can try your digital eye protection risk-free. Experience crisp, clear screen viewing without headaches or strain. Your eyes will thank you!


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