V.W.E. Metal Rectangular No Line Tri-Focal Progressive Reading Sunglasses – 3 Strengths in 1 Pair of Outdoor Glasses


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Tired of having to switch between multiple pairs of reading glasses? These innovative V.W.E. tri-focal progressive reading sunglasses provide the solution! With three different strengths built into one single pair of stylish, lightweight frames, these glasses allow you to seamlessly transition between reading, computer work, and distance viewing – no more constantly taking glasses on and off.

The specially designed progressive lenses are divided into three separate sections. The bottom third of the lens contains your selected prescription strength for close-up reading and detail work. The middle third contains a slightly reduced prescription for intermediate computer and dashboard viewing. Finally, the top third of the lens contains half your prescription strength for clear distance vision. The strengths transition naturally in a gradual progression without any visible lines in the lenses.

Constructed with durable metal frames in a universally flattering rectangular shape, these reading sunglasses have just the right amount of coverage to block glaring sunlight when outdoors. The neutral gunmetal gray color complements any skin tone or outfit. At 52mm wide, the lenses offer a medium field of vision without being too oversized. Adjustable English nose pads prevent any slipping, keeping the glasses comfortably in place.

Whether you need presbyopia correction, suffer from eye fatigue, or just want the convenience of multi-focal eyewear, these V.W.E. tri-focal reading sunglasses are the perfect solution. Wear them all day long for reading books, newspapers, tablets or e-readers, computer work, driving, walking outdoors, and viewing television or movies. The lightweight metal frames and scratch-resistant polarized lenses make these glasses comfortable, practical and stylish.

What’s included:
– 1x Pair of V.W.E. Metal Rectangular Progressive Tri-Focal Reading Sunglasses
– Frame Dimensions: 140mm wide x 52mm lens width x 33mm lens height
– 1x Protective microfiber pouch for storage and cleaning

Key Features:

– Multi-Focus Tri-Focal Reading Glasses: No more switching pairs with individual strengths for reading, computer and distance. These tri-focal lenses incorporate all 3 prescriptions into one!

– Specially Designed Progressive Lenses: The prescription strengths transition seamlessly from top to bottom without any visible lines.

– 3 Sections in Each Lens: The bottom 1/3 is your selected full prescription strength. Middle 1/3 is slightly reduced strength. Top 1/3 is half your prescription for distance viewing.

– Durable Lightweight Metal Frames: Rectangular shaped frames are both sturdy and comfortable for all day wear.

– Medium 52mm Lens Width: Provides optimal viewing coverage without being oversized.

– Adjustable Nose Pads: Prevent slipping and keep the glasses in perfect position.

– Polarized UV400 Lenses: Reduce eye strain and glare, 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

– Outdoor Wear: Stylish enough to wear outside to protect eyes from sun while also enabling reading.

– Universal Unisex Design: Sleek gunmetal gray color complements both men and women.

– Use for: Reading, computer work, driving, walking, watching TV & movies. Presbyopia, eye fatigue, multi-purpose wear.

Give your eyes a break and simplify your eyewear with these revolutionary V.W.E. tri-focal reading sunglasses! No more endlessly switching pairs or missing out on important visual cues around you. The three-in-one multi-focal lenses have got you covered whether you’re immersed in a good book, working intensely at the computer, cruising down the highway, taking a sunny stroll, or relaxing in front of the TV.


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