Vepiant Photochromic Transition Lenses Nearsighted Distance Glasses for Myopia


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Struggling to see far away? Vepiant’s photochromic transition lenses glasses provide clarity and protection for those with nearsightedness and myopia. Automatically adapting to changing light conditions, these innovative distance glasses allow you to see clearly whether indoors or outdoors.

With 12 strength options from -0.5 to -3.5, find your perfect fit for short-sighted vision correction. The lightweight TR90 frame is flexible and durable for comfortable all-day wear. Look stylish while improving distant vision with Vepiant’s adaptive myopia eyewear.

Nearsighted? No problem! Just select your myopia prescription strength and Vepiant’s photochromic transition lens technology will do the rest. When indoors, the lenses remain clear for crisp viewing. Step outside and the lenses darken to sunglass tint in seconds.

The intelligent photochromic lenses automatically adjust visible light transmission based on ambient light levels. Enjoy optical clarity and reduced glare in any environment, from the classroom to the beach. No more switching between dedicated prescription glasses and sunglasses!

In addition to adaptive tint, Vepiant’s distance glasses provide complete UVA/UVB eye protection. The UV400 lenses filter 100% of harmful ultraviolet radiation that can lead to eye damage over time. Protect your vision while correcting myopia.

See clearly near and far with the aspherical lenses precision-engineered to correct nearsighted vision. Reduce eye fatigue and discomfort caused by blurry distance viewing. Ideal for driving, watching TV, sports events, concerts, and outdoor activities.

The universal unisex frame design is specially contoured for comfortable long-term wear. Adjustable spring hinges allow custom temple sizing so the glasses stay securely in place. Soft silicone nose pads prevent slipping. No more constant repositioning!

Lightweight and durable TR90 frame material is flexible for evenly distributing pressure. Much more crack-resistant than regular plastic frames. A classic black shade complements every style.

Order your prescription strength today to experience crisp, clear distance viewing with Vepiant’s innovative photochromic transition lens myopia glasses. See near and far while protecting eyes from UV and glare.

Product Features:

  • Photochromic Transition Lenses: Automatically adapt to changing light
  • UV400 Protection: Blocks 100% of UVA/UVB radiation
  • 12 Strength Options: -0.5 to -3.5 for nearsighted vision
  • Aspherical Lenses: Reduce eye fatigue and strain
  • TR90 Frame: Lightweight, durable and flexible
  • Adjustable Spring Hinges: Custom temple sizing
  • Silicone Nose Pads: Prevent slipping with comfort
  • Classic Black Frame: Stylish unisex design
  • Ideal For: Driving, school, sports, concerts, TV
  • Clarity Near & Far: Correct myopia and blurry distance
  • Glare Reduction: See clearly in any light conditions
  • All Day Comfort: Designed for long-term wear

Experience crisp, fatigue-free distance vision with Vepiant’s innovative photochromic transition lens glasses for nearsightedness and myopia. Automatically adapting tint and UV protection provide optical clarity and eye health day or night!


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