Vepiant Transition Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men and Women – UV Protection Sunglasses with Blue Light Blocking


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Solve All Your Vision Needs with One Pair of Glasses! Introducing the Vepiant Transition Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses – the innovative eyewear that combines multifocal lenses with photochromic technology. Now you can switch seamlessly between clear indoor use, filtered blue light blocking, and dark tinted UV protection as you move in and out of sunny conditions.

Photochromic Transition Lenses

The Vepiant reading glasses feature specially formulated photochromic lenses that react to UV light. When you’re indoors, the lenses remain completely clear and transparent so you can read, work on the computer, and perform close-up tasks with ease. As soon as you step outside into bright sunlight, the lenses instantly transition to a dark sunglasses tint to shield your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays.

The intelligent photochromic lenses know exactly how much tint you need. On overcast days, they only activate partial tinting. But in full sun, they shift to very dark shading. As light conditions change, the lenses continually adjust so you always have the perfect level of UV protection.

Innovative Bifocal Design

The lower section of the Vepiant lenses feature an added reading power bifocal segment. This allows you to seamlessly shift your gaze between your book or computer screen and the room or scenery around you. The bifocal segment provides magnification for reading and close work. While the upper lens area is optimized for distance and intermediate viewing.

No more tilting your head or constantly switching between two pairs of glasses! The Vepiant bifocal reading sunglasses deliver crisp, undistorted vision at any range. Whether you’re glancing at your smartphone screen or gazing across the room, everything will be crystal clear.

Filters Harmful Blue Light

In addition to UV protection, the Vepiant lenses block 100% of harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. This high energy wavelength can cause eye strain, fatigue, and sleep disruption. The integrated blue light filtering provides a more comfortable viewing experience and protects your vision when using phones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

Lightweight Durable Frames

The Vepiant reading sunglasses feature stylish rimless frames handcrafted from lightweight durable materials. The open frameless design means wide unobstructed views and minimal lens reflections. Flexible silicone nose pads ensure a comfortable secure fit suitable for all-day wear. Despite the featherlight feel, the glasses are very sturdy and built to withstand years of daily use.

Premium Clarity and Anti-Reflective Coating

With Vepiant’s quality craftsmanship, you’ll experience amazing optical clarity when viewing the world through these lenses. The glasses minimize distortion for easy adaptation. 7 layers of anti-reflective treatments further enhance the crisp viewing experience while reducing glare and eye fatigue. The coatings also provide a water and oil repellent barrier to keep the lenses clear and smear-free.

A Smarter Solution for Changing Light

Stop fumbling with separate pairs of prescription glasses, readers, and sunglasses! The Vepiant Transition Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses provide the perfect all-in-one vision solution. The intelligently reacting photochromic lenses automatically adapt to your environment. While the bifocal design lets you focus easily at any distance. Blue light filtering further optimizes the glasses for comfortable computer and phone use.

Step outside in style and comfort with these innovative multi-functional reading sunglasses! They make a great gift for men and women who need vision assistance.

Product Features:

  • Photochromic lenses transition from completely clear indoors to dark sunglasses tint in sunny conditions
  • Lower bifocal reading section for close-up magnification
  • Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Filters out high energy blue light from digital devices
  • Lightweight durable frameless design
  • Flexible nose pads for a secure comfortable fit
  • 7 layers of anti-reflective coating on lenses
  • Crisp, undistorted optical clarity
  • Seamless focus at all distances


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