Versatile Photochromic Cat Eye Bifocal Reading Glasses – Magnify Near Vision While Protecting Your Eyes


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Tired of constantly switching between regular glasses, readers, and sunglasses? These innovative Transition Photochromic Bifocal Cat Eye Reading Glasses combine all those functions into one pair! The progressive bifocal lenses let you see near and far, while the photochromic technology adapts to changing light. Get ready to enjoy effortless vision and maximum eye protection in style.

Progressive Bifocal Lenses for Continuous Clear Vision

These glasses feature specially designed progressive bifocal lenses to tackle vision needs at all distances. The upper zone lets you clearly see things far away. The lower zone magnifies up close to make reading, crafting, using your phone, and other close-up activities easy and comfortable.

There is a smooth, gradual transition between the distance and reading portions rather than an abrupt line. This provides a seamless viewing experience at any range. No more tilting your head or constantly adjusting your glasses to focus!

The lenses come in powers ranging from +1.00 to +2.75. Choose your typical reading prescription strength for optimal magnification of close-up objects. Enjoy crisp, strain-free vision whether looking near or far.

Photochromic Lenses Change Tint With UV Exposure

The real game-changer is the innovative photochromic technology. The lenses are transparent indoors and at night to aid clear vision. When you step outside, they quickly darken into a sunglass tint upon exposure to UV light. This provides glare reduction and UV protection when you need it most.

The tint blocks blinding sunlight and filters out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation up to 400nm. This guards your eyes against conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. Once back inside, the lenses fade back to a crystal clear view.

With photochromic adaptive lenses, you no longer have to switch between separate pairs of prescription glasses, readers, and sunglasses. Enjoy seamless vision and healthy eyes in any environment.

Lightweight Frames Offer All-Day Comfort

Designed with comfort in mind, these photochromic reading glasses feature lightweight frames and spring hinges. The durable plastic cat eye frame rests gently on your nose bridge without pinching or leaving marks.

Flexible spring hinges allow the arms to naturally contour to your head for a customized fit. This prevents pinching at the temples so glasses stay put comfortably all day long.

At just 23g total weight, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them! The smooth finish also prevents irritation and allergies on sensitive skin. Keep your eyes relaxed and your face comfortable.

Classic Yet Contemporary Cat Eye Shape

These multifunctional reading sunglasses are designed in a universally flattering cat eye shape. The hybrid silhouette features a retro curved top with subtly angled corners. This adds a subtle lift while complementing round, oval, square, and diamond face shapes beautifully.

At 51mm lens width and 145mm arm length, the proportions are designed to fit and flatter women. The shape is inspired by mid-century vintage styles but with a modern twist. Express your unique style with this versatile eyewear shape that transcends age and trends.

One Pair For All Your Vision Needs

Imagine the convenience of having just ONE pair of glasses that can:

  • Magnify text and objects up close
  • See clearly at all distances – near and far
  • Adapt to changing light conditions
  • Protect eyes from UV rays outdoors
  • Reduce glare in sunny conditions
  • Allow clear night vision indoors

With this pair, you’ll always have crisp, comfortable vision without compromising eye health or style. No more hassling with separate prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses to suit the situation. Simplify your life and upgrade your eyewear game.

Built for All-Day Wear

We designed these adaptive cat eye bifocals to be easy on your eyes all day, every day. The lightweight plastic frame sits comfortably without excess pressure. The smooth magnification transition prevents neck craning and eye strain as you shift focus. When outdoors, the tinted photochromic lenses shield your eyes from glare and UV damage. Everything about these glasses provides visual clarity and eye ease.

As women over 40 and 50, we know the multifocal vision struggle is real. That’s why we created these glasses specifically for our demographic. Feel confident, youthful, and carefree as you take on the day with this 3-in-1 vision solution.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our photochromic progressive bifocal sunglasses readers with a 30 day return policy. If you are unsatisfied with the fit, magnification, or performance for ANY reason, return them for a full refund or exchange. We’ll also replace broken glasses within one year of purchase.

We want you to LOVE your glasses and feel good about your purchase. If you don’t, just send them back. With prices this affordable, it’s worth trying them out risk-free!

Level up your vision clarity and eye protection without the hassle. These adaptive cat eye bifocal sunglasses combine reading magnification, UV protection, and automatic tint adjustment into one sleek package. Just choose your magnification strength and lens color to tackle your everyday visual needs in style. Your eyes will thank you!


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