vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles – 90 Degree Horizontal Lazy Reading Glasses for Comfortable TV and Book Reading While Reclining or Laying Down – 2023 Newest Upgrade


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Discover the secret to comfortable reading and TV viewing while laying down with the vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles. These innovative horizontal prism glasses allow you to maintain a natural forward gaze while optical prisms bend light at a 90 degree angle, redirecting your vision downward.

The vinylmax Bed Prism Spectacles provide the ultimate in relaxation and convenience. Their smart optical design eliminates the need to crane your neck, prop yourself up, or struggle to focus on pages or screens when reclining or laying flat. Just slip these horizontal reader glasses on, lay back, and enjoy your favorite books, shows, tablets, and more with ease.

Upgraded Design for Superior Performance

The newest 2023 edition of the vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles features important upgrades for improved performance:

– Lighter weight frame constructed from newly developed durable polymers for all-day wear comfort

– Reinforced outer packaging ensures glasses arrive completely intact and ready to use

– Optimized lens geometry and prism angle for sharper edge-to-edge viewing in the reclined position

– Subtly curved temples and adjustable nose pads provide a secure fit for all face shapes and sizes

– Scratch-resistant lenses block harmful UV and blue light for protection when reading or screens

With vinmax’s latest upgrades, the Bed Prism Spectacles deliver best-in-class optics, durability, and ergonomics for horizontal lay-down viewing.

Relax and Enjoy Hands-Free Reading or TV Watching

The vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles allow you to enjoy your favorite sedentary activities hands-free:

– Read in bed without straining your neck or propping up books

– Watch TV comfortably while laying on the couch or in bed

– Use tablets and phones without awkward head tilting

– Play video games reclined for hours without discomfort

The horizontal 90 degree optical angle eliminates the need to move your head up and down or hold reading material over your face. Just put the glasses on and all visual content is redirected to be perfectly perpendicular for your reclined perspective.

The lightweight vinylmax Bed Prism Spectacles can be worn over prescription eyeglasses or by themselves. Prism lenses bend and shift light to make reading or viewing screens in a laid-back position easy and pleasurable.

Therapeutic Benefits for Neck, Eyes, and Posture

The vinylmax Bed Prism Spectacles offer therapeutic advantages by reducing neck strain, eye fatigue, and poor posture often associated with sedentary activities:

– Alleviate sore, stiff necks from arching to see screens or books

– Minimize ocular discomfort and fatigue from unnatural gazing angles

– Prevent hunching, slouching, and rounded shoulders from sitting bent over

– Reduce headaches associated with awkward neck and eye positioning

The 90 degree optical redirection provided by the vinylmax Bed Prism Spectacles creates an ergonomic visual environment whether you’re laying on your back, side, or stomach. Enjoy your favorite relaxing hobbies without pain or discomfort.

Thoughtful Gift for Bookworms, TV Watchers, Gamers, and Shut-Ins

The vinylmax Bed Prism Spectacles make a highly useful, thoughtful gift for:

– Booklovers who read for hours in bed

– Television bingewatchers

– Handheld gamers and multimedia users

– Those confined to bedrest or hospital beds

– People recovering from surgery, injury, or illness

Give the gift of comfortable reading and screen viewing pleasure with the vinylmax Bed Prism Spectacles. Prism eyeglasses perfect for rediscovering hobbies or entertainment from the comfort of repose.

5 Year Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

vinmax stands behind the quality and performance of our Bed Prism Spectacles with a full 5 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Our friendly customer support team is ready to assist if you have any questions or issues with your horizontal prism glasses.

Experience the joys of hands-free reading, YouTube viewing, gaming, TV watching, and tablet use from the comfort of your bed, couch, or any reclined position. Transform your entertainment experience and improve posture with the innovative vinylmax Bed Prism Spectacles today!


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