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As children spend more and more time in front of screens for school, entertainment, and communication, parents have become increasingly concerned about the effects of blue light exposure on their kids’ eyesight and sleep patterns. That’s why VisionGlobal created these blue light blocking glasses specifically designed for children. With durable, flexible frames and lenses that filter 85% of harmful blue light, these glasses protect developing eyes while allowing kids to enjoy their devices.

Safeguard Growing Eyes

Children’s eyes are still developing, making them more vulnerable to blue light damage from tablet, phone, and computer screens. The lenses in the VisionGlobal blue light glasses have a special coating that blocks 85% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light wavelengths from 400-455nm. This prevents premature aging of eye cells, reducing the chances of macular degeneration and other eye issues later in life. By filtering blue light, these glasses also help regulate circadian rhythms, supporting better sleep quality so kids wake up refreshed and ready to learn.

Superior Lens Technology

The CR-90 lenses used in the VisionGlobal blue light blocking glasses for kids utilize cutting-edge lens technology to protect eyes without distorting visibility. The lenses are shatterproof and impact-resistant to withstand drops and rough treatment from rambunctious children. At the same time, the thin polycarbonate lenses are featherlight, so kids won’t even notice them on their face. Anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings virtually eliminate distracting reflections from the front and back of the lenses for glare-free screen viewing.

Flexible Fit for All-Day Comfort

Since active kids will wear their VisionGlobal blue light glasses for hours during school and play, the frames are made from flexible silicone rubber. This soft material molds to fit comfortably on any child’s face without pinching or chafing sensitive skin. The flexible arms and nose pads move naturally with the child, maintaining a secure fit whether sitting still or running around. The lightweight frames weigh just 24 grams for a barely-there feel. Kids can comfortably leave their VisionGlobal blue light blocking glasses on all day to protect their eyes from excessive blue light exposure.

Attractive Styles Kids Love

While effective blue light protection is the key benefit, kids will also love the stylish designs of these VisionGlobal glasses. The blue light blocking glasses come in both timeless black and fun tortoise frame colors. The arms feature unique color combos like Pink/Purple and Red/Blue for a personalized look kids adore. Both boys and girls will find a frame they’re excited to pick out and wear. Each pair comes with a matching glasses case to prevent scratches when not in use.

Reliable Blue Light Protection

With screen time practically unavoidable these days, parents can feel confident giving their children effective blue light protection with VisionGlobal glasses. Over 3,500 families have discovered that these glasses allow kids to use devices without suffering from digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep issues. The durable, kid-friendly design holds up well to daily use and abuse from rambunctious children. A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covers the frames and lenses against defects. VisionGlobal also backs the blue light glasses with a 90-day money back guarantee when you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Why Blue Light is Harmful

Visible blue light is all around us from the sun, digital screens, and indoor lighting. In small doses, blue light boosts mood, alertness, and reaction times. But extended exposure to the high-energy wavelengths from LED and LCD screens can lead to:

  • Eyestrain – reduced blinking strains eye muscles
  • Blurry vision – blue light scatters within the eye
  • Headaches – blue light exposure strains the brain
  • Macular degeneration – blue light damages retina cells
  • Circadian disruption – blue light suppresses melatonin secretion

Children are especially vulnerable to blue light damage since their eyes are still developing. Wearing blue light blocking glasses helps protect growing eyes while still allowing kids to use devices for school and entertainment without restriction.

How Blue Light Glasses Work

The polycarbonate lenses in VisionGlobal blue light glasses selectively filter out harmful high-energy blue light wavelengths from 400-455nm using a special blue light blocking coating. This prevents blue light from reaching the retina in excessive amounts. The lenses also have an anti-reflective (AR) coating that reduces glare and reflections that cause eyestrain. At the same time, the lens coating allows beneficial lower-energy blue light in the 460-480nm range to pass through. This preserves color perception and circadian rhythm signaling. Kids can see device screens clearly without squinting while protecting their eyes.

When to Wear Blue Light Glasses

Experts recommend wearing blue light blocking glasses any time children use electronic devices like:

  • Tablets and smartphones
  • TVs, gaming systems, and VR headsets
  • Computers
  • eReaders

Wearing the VisionGlobal glasses during screen viewing sessions prevents eye fatigue, strained focus, and other symptoms of digital eye strain. Children can keep the lightweight glasses on for all day wear at school and for reading. The glasses also help children wind down at night by blocking blue light exposure from devices before bedtime, supporting melatonin release and sounder sleep.

Give Your Kids’ Eyes a Break

As digital devices become more and more integrated into education and recreation, a pair of VisionGlobal blue light blocking glasses helps ensure safe screen time for kids. Protect their developing eyes with proven lens technology that filters 85% of high-energy blue light that can contribute to premature eye aging and sleep issues. The durable, flexible frames hold up to kids’ rough handling, and the stylish color options keep them excited to wear their glasses daily. Give your child’s eyes the break they deserve while still allowing device use for learning and fun.


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