VISOONE Blue Light Blocking Progressive Reading Glasses – Protect Your Eyes from Harmful Rays


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Love to read but find your eyes getting tired? Sick of constant headaches from staring at screens?

Introducing the VISOONE Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses with Blue Light Blocking – the most stylish way to protect your eyes while reading, working on the computer, watching TV, and more!

These innovative glasses filter out 99% of harmful blue light emissions that can cause digital eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, and long-term eye damage. The amber tinted lenses also reduce glare and increase contrast so you can see more clearly and comfortably.

Built for all-day wear, these lightweight, durable frames feature spring hinges and adjustable nose pads to ensure a customized fit. The progressive, no-line multifocal lenses let you seamlessly transition from seeing far to near without switching pairs of glasses or suffering from disorienting lines in your field of vision.

Stay protected in style with the VISOONE Progressive Reading Glasses! The classic wayfarer inspired frames are offered in a variety of fashionable colors from black, brown, to pink turtle shell. Both men and women will appreciate the sleek, rectangular lens shape that flatters most face types.

Experience the Benefits:

– Blocks 99% of Harmful Blue Light – Protect yourself from the high energy visible light that can penetrate deep into the eye, cause oxidative stress, and lead to dry eye, cataracts, and macular degeneration over time. Avoid digital eye strain and sleep better too.

– Reduces Glare & Increases Contrast – See more clearly and comfortably whether reading, working on the computer, or watching TV with less eye fatigue thanks to the specialized amber tinted lenses.

– Ultra-Lightweight Frame – Weighing only 16g, you’ll barely notice these glasses on your face. The TR90 frame material is ultra durable while being half the weight of traditional plastic frames.

– Spring Hinges – The flexible spring hinges allow the arms to gently squeeze against the sides of your head for a secure slip-free fit. No more having your glasses slide down your nose!

– Adjustable Nose Pads – Customize the fit even more with the adjustable rubber nose pads that prevent any pinching or discomfort.

– Progressive No-Line Lenses – Seamlessly transition from seeing far, intermediate, to near without switching pairs of glasses or dealing with lines/blurry spots dividing the lens. Reduce eye strain and headaches from constant refocusing.

– Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflective – Highly durable lenses resist scratches, repel dust, and reduce reflections/glare.

– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Try the VISOONE Progressive Reading Glasses risk-free! Enjoy a full refund or replacement if you are not completely happy. Our friendly customer service is here to help.

Who Needs Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses?

If you regularly:

– Work on the computer for long hours
– Feel eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches after screen use
– Have trouble sleeping and notice blue light affecting your circadian rhythms
– Want to protect your long-term eye health from blue light damage

Then you need blue light glasses to shield your eyes and avoid digitial eye strain!

How Blue Light Damages Your Eyes:

The blue-violet wavelengths from LED screens like phones, tablets, and laptops have high energy that can penetrate deep into the eye. This causes oxidative stress that damages the retina over time and leads to:

– Dry Eye & Eye Strain – Blue light reduces blink rate and tear production causing irritated dry eyes. Staring at screens strains your eyes’ ability to focus and accomodate.

– Circadian Rhythm Disruption – Blue light suppresses melatonin production so your body doesn’t naturally get sleepy. This leads to sleep disruption.

– Macular Degeneration – The macula can get degraded over time from accumulated blue light exposure. This impairs central vision.

– Cataracts – Studies show higher lifetime blue light exposure contributes to cataract development.

Protect your vision with VISOONE’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses today!


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