VOOGLAM Stylish Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women and Men – Retro Chic Computer Reading Eyewear


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Tired of eye strain and headaches from constant screen time? Ready to protect your vision while looking fab?

Introducing the VOOGLAM Rectangle Light Blocking Glasses – the chic, retro way to filter harmful blue light and glare when working, reading, or using devices!

These UV blocking glasses are designed with a stylish acetate frame and lightly tinted amber lenses to provide crisp, clear vision while reducing eye fatigue. The sleek, oversized rectangular shape flatters a variety of face types and adds a dash of vintage flair.

Experience the Benefits:

– Filters Out Harmful Blue Light – Special lenses block 99% of high energy blue-violet emissions that can penetrate deep into the eyes, cause damage, and lead to macular degeneration over time. Avoid digital eye strain.

– Reduces Glare for Clear Vision – The slight amber tint cuts down on harsh glare and reflections so you can see more comfortably whether reading, working, or screen viewing. Makes seeing easier on the eyes.

– UV400 Protection – 100% blocks UVA/UVB rays up to 400nm to protect eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.

– Minimizes Eye Fatigue – Lenses filter only the most damaging blue-violet light while letting through beneficial wavelengths. Plus they increase contrast and reduce flickering to prevent visual discomfort and headaches.

– Retro Chic Styling – Oversized rectangular lenses and acetate frame channels 1960s and 70s vibes for a cool, quirky look. Available in Tortoise Brown, Matte Black, Purple, and Pink.

– Adjustable Fit – Cushioned rubber nose pads prevent any slipping or pinching. Arms flex for the perfect custom fit.

– Lightweight & Durable – Extremely lightweight frames maximize comfort for all day wear. Acetate material is damage and scratch-resistant.

Computer glasses used to look boring and medical. Not anymore with VOOGLAM’s fashion forward blue light blocking eyewear! The oversized rectangular acetate frames make a striking statement and come in fun pops of color.

Whether you’re looking to update your style or provide your eyes some much needed protection, these glasses check all the boxes. Filter harmful rays, prevent eye strain, avoid headaches, and look great doing it!

Who Should Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

If you:

– Work on the computer for long periods
– Experience headaches and eye discomfort from screens
– Have dry, irritated eyes after using devices
– Want to sleep better and reduce late night blue light exposure
– Care about protecting your long term eye health

Then you need blue light filtering glasses!

How Blue Light Wrecks Your Vision:

The blue-violet wavelengths emitted from phones, tablets, and laptops have high phototoxicity. This means they penetrate deep into the eye, cause oxidative stress, and ultimately damage the retina. Too much exposure can lead to:

– Digital Eye Strain – Causes headaches, blurred vision, dry irritated eyes, trouble focusing, and neck/shoulder pain.

– Circadian Rhythm Disruption – Blue light exposure at night suppresses your body’s production of melatonin which regulates sleep. Causes sleep and wake cycle issues.

– Macular Degeneration – Over time, the accumulation of blue light hitting the retina creates inflammation and degenerates this delicate tissue. Impairs central vision.

– Cataracts – Studies show higher levels of blue light exposure significantly contributes to cataract development as we age.

Protect your precious eyes while staying stylish with the VOOGLAM Rectangle Blue Light Blocking Glasses today!


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