WOWSUN Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Reduce Eye Strain from Screens


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Protect Your Child’s Vision with WOWSUN Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Does your child spend hours staring at screens for school, fun, and everything in between? Too much exposure to the blue light emitted from digital devices can lead to eye strain, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns. Safeguard your child’s developing eyesight with the WOWSUN Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Designed just for kids ages 5-12, these light-as-air glasses filter out 90% of high-energy blue light from tablets, phones, TVs, computers, and game consoles. The subtle transparent tint cuts screen glare while minimizing color distortion, allowing true-to-life viewing. Now your child can enjoy their favorite activities without digital eye fatigue.

Features Designed with Active Kids in Mind

  • Lightweight TR90 frame material for incredible flexibility and durability
  • Adjustable temples and included earbud tips prevent glasses from slipping
  • Polycarbonate lenses filter 90% of harmful blue light from digital screens
  • Minimal color distortion for crisp, vivid viewing
  • Reduces headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision from extended screen time
  • Anti-reflective coating cuts glare and eye fatigue
  • Smudge-resistant lenses stay free of fingerprints
  • Contemporary frame design in fun color choices
  • Protective case prevents lenses from getting scratched
  • Durable impact-resistant lenses for active kids

Give Your Child Relief from Digital Eye Strain

Kids today spend more time than ever on electronic devices for their education and entertainment. But hours of blue light exposure can lead to a range of symptoms including eyestrain, blurry vision, headaches, and dry eyes.

As their eyes are still developing, children are especially vulnerable to blue light damage. WOWSUN Kids Blue Light Glasses create a more comfortable viewing experience by filtering out the most harmful blue light wavelengths. Just slip them on your child before extended use of tablets, phones, computers, TV, and gaming systems.

The effects are quick – reduced headaches, less eye fatigue, sharper vision, and protection from long term eye issues. Now your child can enjoy healthy screen time without discomfort.

Designed to Stay Put and Keep Up

Kids tend to be rough on their eyewear. That’s why WOWSUN engineered these blue light glasses with adjustable flexible temples and included earbud tips. The tips ensure a custom fit that prevents slipping, while the TR90 frame material is nearly indestructible.

Even during active play, the lightweight glasses stay comfortably in place. Smudge-resistant lenses also make cleaning up fingerprints a breeze. Your child will enjoy crisp, clear viewing without blurred smudges. The included protective case adds convenience by preventing scratches.

Give the Gift of Healthier Screen Time

Do you know a child who could benefit from filtering out harmful blue light from daily device use? Protect their developing eyesight with the gift of WOWSUN Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Available in fun color options, these glasses make the perfect present.

Surprise your own kids, grandkids, students, or any young ones in your life. They’ll appreciate being able to use their tablets, phones, computers, and game systems more comfortably. It’s a practical gift that promotes healthier vision.

Let Your Child Enjoy Screen Time without Strain

Give your child’s eyes a break from digital strain. With WOWSUN Blue Light Blocking Glasses, they can comfortably view and enjoy screens without compromise. We provide a 90 day money back guarantee, so give them a try today!


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