Yogo Vision Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses – 4 Pack Oversized Square Readers for Women and Men


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Feel instant relief from eye strain with the Yogo Vision Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses 4 Pack. These oversized square readers come in a variety of colors and provide crisp, magnified vision while protecting your eyes from digital screens.

If you spend hours glued to your phone, tablet, computer, or e-reader, you know how tiresome it can be to focus on tiny text. Straining to see causes headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and general fatigue. The blue light emitted from these digital devices only makes matters worse. Continued exposure can lead to serious eye problems and disrupted sleep.

That’s why these Yogo Vision readers are a must-have for anyone who wants sharper, more comfortable vision while defending their eyes against high energy blue light. The lightly tinted lenses filter out 90% of harmful blue light rays so you can read, work, study, and browse to your heart’s content without unnecessary eye strain.

With four pairs of lightweight oversized readers, you’ll always have magnification within arm’s reach. Keep one set bedside for reading before bedtime. Have another pair on your desk for work. Toss the leopard print readers in your purse for restaurant menus and shopping. Lend the funky blue cat eye pair to friends and family who need help reading.

These durable, non-polarized lenses also offer 100% UV protection against sun damage that can lead to cataracts and blindness over time. The scratch-resistant coating maintains crystal clarity.

Whether you need over-the-counter reading glasses for the first time or simply want to upgrade from your outdated drugstore readers, the Yogo Vision 4 Pack has you covered. Discover sharper vision and healthier eyes today!


Blue Light Filtering
– Special lens treatment blocks 90% of harmful blue light from screens
– Prevents digital eye strain, headaches, blurry vision
– Enables longer reading and screen time without fatigue

Magnified Vision
– 1.00 power lenses for medium magnification suitable for most users
– Crisp text for reading books, screens, labels, menus, and more
– Reduces squinting and eyestrain from straining to see

UV Protection
– Lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB radiation
– Guards against cataracts and sun damage
– Allows comfortable indoor and outdoor use

– Durable optical-grade plastic lenses
– Maintain lens clarity over time
– Withstand minor scratches from daily use

Oversized Stylish Frames
– Trendy square and cat eye shapes flatter all
– Lightweight and comfortable for prolonged wear
– Gender-neutral unisex design suits women and men

4 Pairs of Assorted Colors
– Black, blue, leopard print, funky blue cat eye
– Keep multiple pairs handy wherever you need them
– Change colors to match your mood and outfit

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
– Returns accepted with no questions asked
– Prompt refund or replacement
– Ensure 100% satisfaction

Give your eyes a break and look stylish while magnifying text with the Yogo Vision Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses 4 Pack! The oversized frames flatter all face shapes and genders.

The scratch-resistant lenses maintain clarity for sharp vision. Each pair filters out 90% of high-energy blue light emitted from phones, tablets, computers, and other digital screens. This prevents eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, trouble sleeping, and other issues associated with blue light overexposure.

The lightly tinted lenses have a subtle yellow hue that filters blue light but does not distort colors or alter your vision in any way other than magnifying text for easier reading.

The durable plastic lenses also offer 100% UV protection against harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can increase your risks of cataracts and blindness over time. Whether you wear them outside or sit by a sunny window, your eyes have an extra layer of defense.

The universal 1.00X power is suitable for most people who need medium magnification for reading menus, newspapers, magazines, cooking instructions, work documents, text messages, books, and anything else in fine print. Avoid frustration and discomfort from squinting!

The oversized square frames suit both women and men with their unisex gender-neutral styling. Flaunt your personality with funky colors and prints! Each order includes:

– Black square reading glasses
– Blue cat eye reading glasses
– Leopard print square reading glasses
– Solid blue square reading glasses

Keep readers handy wherever eyestrain strikes – in your nightstand, office, car, purse, backpack, and more. With 4 stylish pairs, you’ll always have magnification within reach. The lightweight plastic frames stay comfortable even after prolonged wear.

Our friendly customer service team is ready to help if you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy your Yogo Vision reading glasses for 30 days to ensure you love them. If you’re not 100% satisfied, return them for a full refund or replacement. They also come backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects.

Ditch the eye squinting and headaches! The Yogo Vision Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses 4 Pack provides instant relief and protection when you need it most. Order today to enjoy clearer vision while guarding your eyes against blue light damage.


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