ZENOTTIC Blue Light Blocking Glasses Aviator Metal Frame for Men and Women – Reduce Digital Eye Strain and Fatigue


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Tired of getting headaches and eye fatigue from too much screen time? Look no further than the ZENOTTIC Blue Light Blocking Glasses! These stylish aviator-style glasses are specially designed to filter out 90% of harmful blue light emitted from digital devices like computers, smartphones, and TVs.

The ZENOTTIC blue light blocking glasses allow you to work, play, and unwind without compromising your eye health. The classic metal frame and lens shape give these glasses a timeless look that complements any style. With three color options – black, silver, and gold – you can alternate between pairs or find the one that best matches your personal aesthetic.

But besides looking great, the top-notch build quality ensures these glasses perform their function flawlessly. The ultra-thin metal frame is both lightweight and durable, perfect for all-day wear. Soft silicone nose pads prevent slipping while keeping you comfortable. Sturdy metal hinges retain their shape and withstand frequent folding.

Slip on a pair of ZENOTTIC blue light glasses when you:

– Work on the computer for hours on end
– Binge watch your favorite shows and movies
– Play video games into the night
– Use your phone before bedtime

Too much exposure to blue light from screens can lead to digital eye strain. Symptoms like headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and trouble sleeping are telltale signs you need blue light blocking glasses. By filtering out the majority of these harmful rays, the ZENOTTIC glasses prevent eye fatigue so you can comfortably continue your digital activities.

The specially formulated lenses have an almost undetectable yellow tint that won’t distort colors or make screens harder to see. Unlike strong yellow lenses that turn everything warm and dull, the ZENOTTIC lenses retain natural color tones so you can see clearly as if wearing regular eyewear.

Protecting your vision doesn’t require compromising your style. The ZENOTTIC Blue Light Blocking Glasses allow you to look sharp while safeguarding your eyes from excessive blue light exposure.

With over 12 years of experience making eyewear, ZENOTTIC is a trusted brand that prioritizes quality, comfort, and performance. Their collection of blue light glasses helps people continue using technology without worry by reducing digital eye strain.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

– Blocks over 90% of harmful blue light from screens
– Prevents headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, trouble sleeping
– Classic metal aviator frame with 3 color options
– Ultra-thin and lightweight construction
– Soft silicone nose pads for comfort
– Durable metal hinges retain shape
– Yellow tint filters blue light without color distortion
– Allows clear, sharp vision as if wearing regular glasses

The ZENOTTIC Blue Light Blocking Glasses come fully equipped with a protective case and cleaning cloth so you can keep them looking like new for longer. The included case makes them easy to store and take with you anywhere.

With your eye health and style covered, all that’s left to do is pick between the gold, silver, or black frame color! Add the ZENOTTIC Blue Light Blocking Glasses to your cart now to start experiencing relief from headaches, dryness, blurred vision and other symptoms caused by too much blue light exposure. Your eyes will thank you.


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