ZIMUSUN Retro Aviator Blue Light Glasses for Women Men – Classic 70s Oversized Frame Pilot Glasses with Anti Eyestrain Lenses


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Step back in time with the ZIMUSUN Retro Aviator Blue Light Glasses! Inspired by the iconic aviator glasses of the 1970s, these stylish frames will take you on a far out fashion trip. But it’s not just about killer retro looks – these glasses also provide serious eye protection.

Block Harmful Blue Light and Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Staring at digital screens all day can take a real toll on your eyes. The blue light emitted from devices like phones, tablets, and computers can cause eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, and disrupted sleep patterns. Protect your peepers with the ZIMUSUN Aviator glasses crafted with anti blue light lenses. The specialized lenses filter out 90% of harmful blue light wavelengths to alleviate eye fatigue without distorting colors. Whether you’re working, watching movies, browsing social media, or playing games, these glasses shield your eyes so you can see clearly and comfortably.

Retro 70s Inspired Oversized Frames

From the oversized aviator shape to the silver metal frame, these ZIMUSUN glasses embody vintage 1970s style. The large round lenses and thick frames make a bold fashion statement, while the sleek metal bridge and arms add a touch of elegance. Available with either mirrored or transparent blue light blocking lenses, these glasses offer high eye protection without compromising your look. The sheer size of the lenses provides plenty of coverage to drastically reduce exposure to blue light. So you get function and retro flair in one stellar pair of spectacles.

Durable Frames Built for Comfort

Despite the sizable silhouette, the ZIMUSUN aviator glasses sit incredibly comfortably on your face. They’re crafted with lightweight polycarbonate frames lined with silicone nose pads that prevent slipping. The frames flex to fit the contours of your face without pinching or creating pressure points. This makes them ideal for prolonged wear when working on screens for hours on end. The glasses won’t dig painfully into your nose or ears even after marathoning your favorite shows into the night. The reinforced metal hinges and wire core temples add strength and flexibility to the frames so they don’t get damaged or misshapen when tossed in your bag.

One Frame Fits Most with Adjustable Arms

The ZIMUSUN aviator glasses feature bendable arms you can adjust to get the perfect fit. This allows one frame size to accommodate a wide range of face shapes and sizes for women and men. Simply flex or extend the arms until the frames feel secure and comfortable on your head. Whether you have a narrow face or a wide jaw, big head or small, you can tweak these glasses to sit right. No need to fuss with ordering multiple sizes to find the ideal pair.

Full Eye Protection with Broad Lenses

Don’t settle for tiny lenses that leave your eyes partly exposed! The ZIMUSUN aviators come equipped with big 57mm wide lenses that cover your entire field of vision. This shields the tender skin around your eyes from blue light coming at all angles. The broad lenses combined with the wraparound frame design provide exceptional coverage to keep your eyes healthy and relaxed. Plus the large surface area spreads light transmission over more of your eyeballs to maximize visual clarity.

Key Features:

  • Anti blue light lenses blocks 90% of harmful blue light from screens
  • Reduces headaches, eye fatigue, blurry vision from prolonged electronic use
  • Classic 1970s inspired aviator frame design
  • Oversized round 57mm lenses and thick frames
  • Mirrored or transparent lens options available
  • Lightweight flexible polycarbonate frames
  • Adjustable arms to fit narrow to wide faces
  • Soft silicone nose pads prevent slipping
  • Reinforced metal hinge for durability
  • Full eye coverage protection


  • Lens Width: 57mm
  • Frame Height: 54mm
  • Nose Bridge: 18mm
  • Frame Width: 146mm
  • Temple Length: 136mm

Designed for Screen Addicts

In our modern world, screens are unavoidable whether you’re working, learning, or playing. The ZIMUSUN Aviator Blue Light Glasses allow you to enjoy your devices without compromise. Their retro allure makes them look right at home in any environment, from offices to college campuses to your living room. The oversized silhouette not only turns heads, but provides superior eye coverage so you can keep browsing Pinterest or gaming without eyestrain. Function meets fashion with these vintage-cool blue light blocking aviators!

For Work and Play

Keep your eyes fresh staring at a computer screen all day by wearing your ZIMUSUN aviators to the office. The professional yet stylish frames make you look pulled together while protecting your vision. Then when you get home, keep the glasses on while streaming movies or gaming without taxing your eyes. The blue light lenses filter the entire light spectrum so colors appear vivid while harmful rays are eliminated. Use them to safeguard your sight from all your screens!

Reliable Quality

ZIMUSUN provides premium quality blue light glasses that will last. They’re constructed from durable, long-lasting materials designed to withstand daily use. The frames stay securely adjusted to fit your face perfectly over time. ZIMUSUN offers a lifetime warranty to fix or replace your aviators if any manufacturing defects occur. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your glasses investment is protected.

Give your eyes a retro blast from the past with the visually stunning style and digital eye protection of the ZIMUSUN Aviator Blue Light Glasses!


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